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They all used the patters from the well known
relativley local wars - as the last from 1870
between germany and france, whose success
inaugurated the formation of germany as a nation.
The last point is also a strong argument,
the germans had made very good experiences
in winning that war and the mood was
that the world was distributed at that time and germany didnt
got his part.

So things are very complicated and if you are really interested
it is worthwhile reading history books - at best from germany, for
they have the most authentic approach.

Best wishes

Dr. Harald Wenk
(german mathematician)

Hello to you too Mister Harald
Thus Germany in 1870 would, if I understand the process from your explanations, Germany would have so succeeded in building for itself a stronger image among the society of european nations , and why then a war against France would have (I ask my question onto for example unfoldment of reasons such, as, again and this is for examples: an economic language of things could explain, or the language of the territorialisation movements as in Deleuze's Plateaus Theory), such a result that it would not have had if Germany would have won against an (weak?) Austro-Hungaryan Imperium on a mainland Europe? Why things happened that way do you think after all? Was France considered the ennemy to defeat by some neo-bourgeois or late aristocratic figures of the States, could you articulate a bit better then I could : by what/ by whom did events quasi-caused us to regard the destiny of inhabitants of Europe to be affected the way they are recognized by curiousity to have appeared to it? Thanks in
 case you can answer, I am not a scientific like you as you understand , but so my motto in general is appearence will further clarify themselves away from us, so it's our chance to go after them instead than going Platonician and say Scholars need to be alone and only talk like each one in his role, you know what I mean?. But at this time in my life i am willing to meet people's intelligence in things.also , that's it! Bye!
(-Warm Regards-)
Lucy Strawwhassler
((a Somewhat ancient Ape)), today I have been granted a post as Correspondant in the City of Zagreb and travelled by train from Romanian borders last night and installed all my belongings in this little but charming Balkanic town.

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