[D-G] A letter of Lucy (also on behalf of King Kong the tiny spermatozoid on Hitler Phallus Logocentrism)

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 10 06:36:55 PST 2005

--- "Richard Koenigsberg, Ph. D."
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What I have advanced which was a bit exagerated, might
yet follow by strict rules of thinking. That is what
we had said before we decided to send the previous
e-mail on Tyranhausaurus Hitler, and Vaginal Mama
versus Clitoridian Mama, and we had taken firm
resolution not to send our thinking, but finally we
think that we can express ourselves. We think, thus:
Hitler Phallus was attracted by a Tyranaushauristecal
Culture, but he was rephantmating his PRIMARY
COLLECTIVE (Jungian Unconscious will) DRIVE towards
fucking a FE-MALE TYRANAUSAURUS REX, but has
Unfortunately, this animal was disappearing 500
Millions Years ago, he could but phantasmatise on the
basis of phemales arriving in his Reichtag Campments
in Bavaria. Thus, yet, we think the role of the
Mother, and concluding in Artaud's genius in
eliminating all Oedipial Syntheiss of any arrangments
in the analysis of the desire, we think Hitler turned
himself towards Industrialism and Technocrascism and
War, because he was lacking the FATHER of the Mother
of the Tyranhausaurus Phallus that was articulating
his incapacity to Discover his rue Self.

Let me though remember that I am myself very Old, and
that many things need to be rediscovered. Many of what
iHave said in the previous mail, such as Hitler as
Tyrhanausaurus masturbating in his pee or rather
whatever my delirious imagination might have been led
to expose and facing shame and public negative
apprehention of genuine ideas, by anger to deblaterate
in PUBLIC, are rather idiotic. I apologize sincerely
to the saddened drift list to have pushed my self
towards such extremes.


Lucy Strawwhassler
Co-Director and Co-ordinator with King-Kong of the
Institute of Contemporaneous Science.

Done with the help of *King-Kong the tiny
spermatozoid*, Assistant and co-founder of the
Scientifical Special Commitee in the same institute.
Send us your comments on our various activities!
Welcomes, opinions, suggestions always! Please have
mercy. Jesus helps the poor and the misericordious.

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