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2005. This letter is thus dealing here with fuzzy
notions such as Hitler, his Mother, and Visibility and
Invisbility. The approached I have endeavoured is
resolutely Deconstructivist with a hint of

--- "Richard Koenigsberg, Ph. D."
<libraryofsocialscience at earthlink.net> wrote: 
Hitler's Mother as the Mother of Germany-Austria.
Hitler's Mother could indeed have a deep Signification
in the Signifiant
if we go a little bit further, and ask whether Hitler
mother had a name, and if this attribution, or call
thereof being or not part of the Signifiant POWER
STRUCTURE, or if it is CRUMBLING in to , and this
would , be an hypostheisis of the Second (that is, of
course, Signified Formation Degree )
and thus this Formation or desarticulation versus or,
no, quite the opposite?, no,Crumbling, questions if,
that's my point, see begining start of this letter, if
Mother has a Vagina, and if she is rather
"Clitoridian", or "Vaginal", and this causes me to
wonder if this is not two re-instutituniolised the
BI-UNIVOCITY (REICH°cfr.) of FLOWS, as testifyiyng or
applying, an O P P S ITI ONN between Clitoris Areas
and Vaginal Areas, and the place, the accurate though
statistical, no, the accurate place of the Energy of
Reich in cultured,; distances between both areas of
the Unconscious of Hitler's and Hitler's also Mother
was not unconscious. Was she yet reterritorialising
Hitler on her womb in a constant or becoming female?
desire or beleives? AND THE Vaginal as Pre-Partial
object (Melanie-Klein), in the phantasm of many Ovums
being in the Phallope Trumps , but limitating the
Power of Adulph Hitler only in time it arrives in the
uterus and take this special forms once it has been
fecondating by a (heterosexual)female or (transexual
or homosexual)male, but not in space (cfr Cinema 1 &
2) thus I think it turned out she was rather Vagfinal.
And thus Mother Nation was , the Holderlin (and
remember what Holderlin has to say in the two stasis
of CULTURE of course, and Holderlyn and the remarques
de Jean Beaufret.cd cfrNatal, or the nodality was not
Time constrained, but Limitated by Space, or by time.
time means becoming, whereas Space means at least a
relative Identity of the minus one degree (n-1
rhiemann) or  cloud of constant, does that make some
fuzzy sense (i say cloud so as not to say just
constant for technicall, deep philo-sophical reasons
here), so or time, the hidden Mother, to state it, or
the Visible Mother, instead than Clitoridian or Vgnal.
The hidden mother i think, or the visible mother. what
is suposedly more plausible the Hitler has got a
visible mother, or an invisble Mother. i think,
visible. because he had strange relation with girls
and mens. so hidden mother, goes more with person of
culture or higher nobility so to , and thus, Hitler
being a very vile kind of guy i think, id bet on
Visible Mother caused by Phantasm over appeareance of
Clitoris, rather, that Vaginal, or relation to Vaginal

Second Part-

So Vaginal or Clitoridian? Means Clitoridian Space or
Vaginal Time-Line, 

WE CANNOT confer from Cinema 1 & Cinema 2 to the
Hypothesis that we can put a kind of Shiny
QUODESTDEMONSTRATURID here because, it is actually
indeed as you say

well it's Politc or Polito a bad tongue would saywhich
determines the unconscious. Yet there is a distinction
in Phenomenology between Cultural Practice and
Philosophical Practice. The Unconscious, might not
necessarilly be Cultural, yet culture is part of the
lack of culture that is coextensive with culture
consummerism in the late seventies.
so i think Philosophy needs, i think there is a time
for reflexion, and a time for action. and Culture
needs to be activated not by the unconscious, but the
unconscious must be determinated by itself, and not by
Culture, though culture can be unconscious. but the
relation of Hitler with her Mother his not unconscious
but conscious, because what we have said was not
totally sure: Ovums in the Phallope Trumps are
actually not really, or at least, at least, there is
nothing which strictly determines us in a definite
way, to acertain the causal factor phallope trumps
might have been in a a-parrallel evolution with Adolf
Hitler. His practive, his very strange and peculiar
behaviour during his ruling period has been commented
by different people. He is said to have masturbated in
the pee of himself. I think at least what brings the
Signifiant in the Phallus of Adolf Hitler is that ,
and as Baruch Spinoza has explained, there can be
"modes thoughts ", desires, etc, without yet there is
an idea, a concept cause by the object of the idea, as
desire, etc, posits the EXISTENCE of the THING which
desired, such, loved, etc, such as the, actually here,
the Womb, or rather the clitoridian activity which
Hitler might have discovered in her Mother, the
clitoridian activity might trigger (let us remind here
by precaution before we put too much redundancy in the
role of Hitler(Phallus, in DG calling Hitler as a
MOther, the Mother, of Germany, it of Nazi, people
where existing as adorator of their Mother in this
HORRIBLE TYRANAUSORE, this would just, ah i don't have
a clue if what kind of relation, anwith the Mother a
Mother such as Hitler can have. Maybe he was rather a
Prehistorical Monster, like a TyranHa Tyranhausaurus,
which brings back the question of culture in
prehistorical animals (recent development of etholgy
develop ideas which could suiggest that Tyranausaurs
such as Hitler could actually have something which
responds to what modern democratic societies such as
Greece of Percilcel Pericles has culture, but
Tyraunosaurs Could well have culture,. What is impor
important is to make clear if it's for example in what
way, because if once all becomes about war, and
industrial development of technology, we have somhow
to realise CULTURE has disapeeared beco because
ManKind is Dead.

I think Hitler is Dead, and thus he could not desire
his Mother, either clitoriduian, either vaginal. 
I think 
The question is if we want amore  refined culture, we
should hide the mother in us, or rather visualise the
mother towards extreme transcultural transgendering),
it should be on the skin, i think female should not be
too much reprodctive instruments directly inside but
resolved to unfold outside with a XYmale. and thus i
am tired this discussion 

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