[D-G] Re: Deleuze Impossibility to THINK

Mark Crosby Crosby_M at rocketmail.com
Thu Aug 25 19:46:14 PDT 2005

--- Gondo -Minnie <gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
amonline finally RA!
WiFlyre working whoa!
Must go check Explorations in Heterotopia
On the Impossibility of Capturing the Moving MInd:
Management and Movement in the Age of Permanently
Temporary War
Ephemera flowing along the TransSiberian Railroad from
Moscow to Beijing we shall u bercum

Pardon the exhuberant blather while switching planes
in midflight thru autism and theory of mind..

Plese redirect all queries to
where the Theatrum Philosiphicum well engage u in "a
sort of stuttering of the nagative - the neurosis of
timezup.. mark 
> Dear NZ

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