[D-G] Re: Deleuze Impossibility to THINK

Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 25 19:05:41 PDT 2005

Dear NZ

I am much oblidged by the tenacity with which throughout my senses your word has held  the impediment of the true fact. While unactive this server was.
It is yet not withdstood then that also I am this way led to conclude my talk towards an alley of polite reconsiderations, which go all in tree according to axes set by your own parameters. Indeed so much is it for the narrative to appear in full dramatic comedy, as the operator of the Truth, the force with wich I can understand France's NO so I can explain you by the wing of an ear. It is a much European narrative which has led myself to dialogue as a Shakespearian actor would talk to a Pirandellese actor. Leaning backwards and taking siege of the multiple personnality throughout my discovery of the Possible Pan-Europeo-Centered=Narrative=Wing. 
The False Narrative Winged Ear (JUMBO the flying elephant) as you too much so far as implied its outer rim inside its duplicating circle, wherin Capitalism can have a duplicant appearance.
Competition, stress, can even be an open factor for Jumbo the flying animal, because Lou and Frederiche's Ban on Gregarity is pernicious always and malevolent insofar as a Good European can be found to enter in her life  with Henry Miller talking on her knee. The open mouth saw the tongue forking between both Narrative exfoliating gracewardly, and saw empeded by outer rim needs that only be extruded could by scientifical whims of all kinds, set along the astrolab, as along the axis of the perpendiculum foucaldian paradigmata, its worth of narration capricious, melt perniciousity towards my center of Gregarity to understand this Present Narrative, as I assure you I do. And thus I can indeed so tell you: Capitalism can unfold the worth of its competitive trees, so that rhizome everywhere can move us gregariously, we see their fights, they can appear as they are: truely shyning like goldy grape oil on the ravishing Jumbo grey skins, they since their Rhizomatic Birth of Absolute Originm
 lay barrenm crazy, obsolete.
I tell you again and again my friend, What is important, is to stay a Confident animal, rhizomeworthy, in europe or america or galapagos wise elephant friendly wisely welcome, and look out for the adventures only opened by the valences of the best rhizomatic conjunction between elephant Comedians in the circus opened, who can offer the audience watching the clowns the unique pleasure to sustain their force throughout their little private Idaho-Narrative (or ie. Interaction, once we can undo all outer rim bridgingS, so that Mister Freud shall be oblidged, much in a way perhaps as you have been obliged to see the dark veil of the maya the fanatic veil on your ear unstitched, as you learned me to fly with you, smoothly slapping against the Pegasus nose of the horse when I was still the Narrator, when I was not yet an Other, like in wee-wee's disclosure, which Narrated the discovery of the possible in France's Debate towards a very self defined NO, obliging much intelligent people
 towards sad Pierrot Guattari funny clownish smiles, which holds indeed as I say the stress and the competition aside, a way so that here, on this List we foster an opening of the Absolute Tree of communication precipitate and we Jumbos can be surveying like concepts over within the fabric of Continental Drifts triggered in Paris and Berlin, the new axis of Truth).

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