[D-G] let's understand what's profitable for us with the mind of Capitalists

Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 26 09:58:00 PDT 2005

dear Mark Crosby and others,
to better point the animal in danger, ie. negative dialectic, lets see today this part I have excerpted from TP of Foucault:


"Everything straight lies," murmured the dwarf disdainfully. "All truth is crooked, time itself is a circle."

"Spirit of Gravity," I said angrily, "you do treat this too lightly."


the dwarf is the antipathyc character, because Z. knows truth does not need interpretting the enigma of the dwarf . this is why Z. superficially, lightly, calls the interpreter of enigmas, the "spirit of gravity". becuae things are curved, not evident and thus there is no clear spirit of gravity, : but he is talking in a language that the dwarf can relate to.  Of course the first sentence, " every thing straight lies" does not need to be concluded by, " everything crooked is". but that s what the dwarf does. the dwarf is automatically transferring one meaning to the other, insofar that it testifyes for is antipathic sickness.


my point was that this sickness can help us to capture some of the moving mind of capitalism and become more intelligent on how to set a business.


the art of dosis is important. we do not need _necessarilly_ to get all the sickness of negative dialectic, but some deserve it. those of our company.


Also Sprach Zarathustra to the Buffon Pierrot .


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