[D-G] Re: Deleuze Impossibility to THINK

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 01:19:54 PDT 2005

You are right.... when a person talks to another it is most often
assumed that person is saying "I think this about that", it is always
"I" or "me". And it becomes very difficult to just "discuss something"
other than "me" myself without having to infer specifically to "I" or
"my opinion". But I can talk hypothetically about something which is
foreign, I do not need to a part of it to try to understand it. Not
like a schizophrenic identity breakdown, but like an actor assuming a
voice so that the narrative can be created. I am very fond of the way
Commedia del Arte has delt with this problem by adopting an additive
history for itself, changing with time, commenting upon the rise of
capitalism, becoming silent if necessary, but still dialoging, what
ever it takes to maintain the true long term narrative of its
identity.  The true narrative does not have to be consciously
explicated because it is consciously implicit in its direction, like
negaive dialectics.  Sometimes your lover needs a wink, hopefully it
will be noticed.
The False Narrative is too easily adopted internally, and too easily
accepted by others on the face of its supposed internalization; we are
too easily duped because the narrative is not over. (A-motion)

I would enjoy discussing these interesting curved rhizome histories
(of Nietsche-Nin-Foucault or whatever else) and to compare them to
other curved rhizome histories. (first they must be explicated though)
Now they do not blend well, they are aggressive in and of themselves,
on the molecular level of specifics inside of history, so they fight
against each other. I do not fight, I want to see the fight, this is
not "my own" internal narrative, this is just a subject of my
narrative. I do not know what is true or false, but I want to see the
various differences. That involves being specific about them, not
about myself. If Freud wants to use this to analyze me, then he is
creating his own narrative for me and pushing aside the narrative I am
trying to create. These rhizome narratives might live happily together
or one may strangle the other, but they must be explicated first, only
then can Freud have the authorities come and lock me up.

But I am not even really interested in choosing one over the other,
there is a second step. The reason for looking at several rhizom
narratives together is to get a sense of the "roots" which these
rhizomz congregate upon and do battle or make love. They are not roots
themselves, they surround them, obfuscating, but these roots are so
uncanny they trace through history going back like an invisible

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