[D-G] Fwd: Jésus Christ ( a letter to those who are against a religious Deleuze )

Dewey Dell dewey.dell5 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 12:50:50 PST 2020

For the reader of Saint-Augustine, it casts a glimpse into
the ATP Geology Plateau where all creation sings the glory of heaven.

Confessions, Chapter 13 book 7.
"All Creation sings the praise of G-D".

Christ had suicide ideas, he has chosen the cross and death in
order to become who is was: the Perfect Whole.

the evil like in B.Spinoza does not exist according to St-Augustin.
it is just the order of G-D a pure perfection,
but the encounters between parts of the whole can have "evil" effects on
one another.

Likewise, the faithful living in our world, wants to become a part of G-D
this can be achieved thru contemplation of the face of Jésus on the cross
and in the sky.

Christ can convince the doubter of His existence, that was
what happened to St Augustin.

St Augustin was thus a part of Christ, learning the path towards
praise of the other parts of Christ in Heaven.

Yet the logic behind the suicidary will consubstancial to the Incarnation
of G-D
into Jésus, who could not suffer an evil existence, evil encounters , this
can be
reversed by adopting as example not St Augustin
but instead the lover of this evil world.
The only way to perfectibility of this evil world, lies in the contemplation
of creatures who devoted themselves to the love of the evil world.

Would Jesus Christ himself not want to love a perfectibility of this world?
Perhaps the love of the whole to perfectibility is consubstancial to the
and the multiplicity of becomings, and the consideration thereof by a
who live in this world.

Dionysus, crucified.

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