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Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 20:48:58 PST 2019

no, Mike, hi!
i am not sure the original archives have been burned down by the Nazis
as the latter are this group of Europeans who governed Europe in the
of the christmas era.
it has become intolerable to use the coining Nazi to be used as adjective
to no one in particular.
why would you not say that the deleuze archives have been burned by the

indeed I think the Aliens are those who are said to govern the planet, and
they try to schizophrenize the humans, so they (humans not Aliens) who do
not use Reason, have their ressentment against the Aliens redirected to the
minimum in Time, the Slow Time and them be tempered to the maximum

humans are animals who go very very very very very very very very very very
very very very very very very very very very very very slowly in Reason

that's the point of reading Deleuze and Guattari who wanted to accelerate
the process of slowing down Mankind in close forsight with Russia

at once schizophrenise you: attacking yourself everytime you see anger
around something,
in you against the Aliens who want to seize the Planet (!)

let's think:
the point of subjectivation seems to be the Nazis, since all humans
want to divert their anger at their next of kin by calling him a "nazi"
but this is only appearance, the point of subjectivation is NOW hidden
amidst a DREAM
But where is this Dream set up? what is the ground, the reality behind the

if Freud were set to psychoanalyse the human's dream, he would
understand that the Nazis stand for those who used to control the planet
from 1932 to 1946: the Nazis slight outlag in Time
needs to strech a bit, to extend from the North and South Poles on the
Earth's Axes to reach out towards the Octopus People from the Yellow Stars
warming us all, up, those latter Octopuses reacting to the Nazis and speak
and learn how to speak like Octopus but on Earth this time
Freud would soon learn how to be in touch with the Real and he'll sure
learn to get prioriatary knowledge to know the Aliens better(yes the little
green octopus look like Asses, Dunkies who eat billowing clouds of Carrots
they live close from the Persedes Yellow Stars)
the Green Ass should be soon able to control now the Dunky planet, and
require from Macron lickety split quick help to lean on Russia's war

if the human subject was on Freud's couch and realized this,
at once would he wake up and become a superegotic neo-Nazi freak
Yet there is the Octopus Language castrating repressor, Worms of Sand who
eats my words
when they appear to mankind's former planet, and this brings me talk about
TeddyBear University.

which explains why those who call you the next of kin a nazi
do not really hate you or suffer from those who have one day woken up as
they are the same (slowing you down) people, categorized and thus
schizophrenised by those who have taken back control of the Reason of the
Real, Planet Earth de-nazified for sure in 1945 this Time.

shall the Neo-Nazi from everywhere in the Real aka Earth be de-nazified by
the US war machine or by the Kantian Cogito? A bit of both and vice-versa

those i mean who say this is not just a Dream are right, of course
you just dream something and it becomes real

from which i conclude by saying that the Republicans and the Democrats on
are talking in a  dreamy TV Language  already and that's a Good News, for
"their" cameras are the Future in the NegativLand, not for Reason's sake,
same with Macron, he is less and less human, less and less Real
except from the fact that he's got a Tree with Roots planted deep in his
Plexus, and the consitstency of the Roots of a Carrot is the Image-Action
of his Sensori-Motricity : it makes him become Ass Green Octopus from
Planet ZiziMouMou in the Perseides warmth: he's got an implant. he shall
never live to be able to become a Neo-Nazi, yet an Octopus he shall be able
to be one day after death !! But the Transformation needs Time, slowness,
and that's why he mulls over it and muster his friends in France,  its good
to know people who read books, going in teddybear universities to promote
everywhere the right way how  to read D&G and when getting older them
becoming like everyone a self hating schizo, Hate creates a possibility for
an Octopus to hack you, so ther's plenty of choice thanks to Slowness. I
cannot help myself not to help the humans who have such roots and implants
to eat the Carrot of Slow Time: I know one day too them to dream to become
the Fast Rapid Green Asses who eat the cooked Carrot every day excepted
1933-1945 and Armistice 2015-1918 11 & 13 November to become a slow paced
an annual Ceremony again but that is in Slow Time Language, it's different
if we switch  to Fast Pace TV Language

I think  you are perhaps right into calling the audience's attention back
to the vital Kant categories.

Le mar. 12 nov. 2019 à 18:45, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
écrit :

> We precisely do have to go into Kantian categories to show how Derrida
> overturns Kant regarding the concept of sovereignty and to finally reveal
> Macron's less-than-modern approach. LeFebvre's Image of Law mentions
> sovereignty whereas Braidotti, et al's Deleuze and Law mentions ecology.
> One cannot confidently speak of experience on the D&G list after the nazis
> have burned the original archives.

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