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Johnny has not the time to read Zizek about the christian legacy.
watching Europe from the Tour Eiffel, Paris, Johnny being arrogant,
it's interesting to see Germany in the same haze as the Balkans.
the two 'racisms' theory is interesting for Johnny.
the old fashioned racism, and the multiculural-correct racism exposed
brilliantly by Mike Lansing.

the old fashioned racism seems the one explored by Edward Said
in Orientalism with the musical point counter point of the West and the

the multicultural correct racism to Johnny's knowledge had not been much
documented so far (perhaps in Zizek thus ?)

say, its a bit like the racism Said talked about when he explained how
Burton, Nerval, or William Lane in 'Customs of the Modern Egyptians'
the Middle - East countries, and such documents helped the French, English
or Americans
Governments to play with the notions in the documents, and play
with the countries documented, knowing the (self)-destructive ethnic
and playing with them. Yet somehow that is what Governments and Princes
have always done,
playing with your neighbors' weak spots. Now if Kusturica's ethnic passion
statement against
the Slovens gets accepted in the Northerly Media, it might be because of
the special status
of certain hot spots, which are within the Western World the capitals like
London, Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco , etc
where everybody from the world is in effect treated equals, politically
correctly, and abstracted
from the World where we see such hazes as the one where Germany becomes
like the Balkans.
London for example is a city where people treat each other most
excellently. It is a place a bit
like where everybody is expected to do like Sophocles, who voted against
his own rights or 'genos',
and as well made the Tragedy for which he is most known, 'Oedipus Rex'
where the hero, like Dionysus,
blinds his eyes. To some effect, the schizophrenia spreads further in the
countries, by help of the Media,
and as a result, to country side do not understand the 'Elites' and vote
for Brexiters like Boris Johnson
or Alt-Right Trump, people with a consciousness of the role of the Prince,
people who have a consciousness of
the broad space around the islands of political correctness.
Yet we would wonder if we should really talk about the acceptance of
Kusturica's hatred, as among the citizens
of such big towns, as multicultural political correctness, as a new form of
reflective racism? That seem to be the point of Mike?
Perhaps French interior Principal Chess Board Politics could explain the
following:  It is the same with the propaganda in the French main media
since the second Intifada, which plays the tune of opinions favoring the
French exceptionalism politics with the Arab World.
A bit like Russia, France plays the card of a "multi-polar" world, where
new "air" is sought which would have escaped the
point of view espoused by Anglo-Saxon Foreign Politics. As a consequence,
citizens in the cities of political correctness like Paris or Brussels
have a distorted view on the middle-eastern region. When both France and
Russia have given political power to the Elites 'in place' of the
the Conflict between the State of Israel and the Leaders of the
Palestinians, espouse the line of divide between those who
support Political Correctness in the US, who support, (correct me? like
Bernie Sanders) a multi-polar world, and those who like
Trump see the world as Princes of the broad spectrum of ethnic passions in
the World, and remain thus in favor of  'America First'. They see the World
from 'Capitol Hill'. It is naturally that Trump aligned and took position
in the divisive Earth line. On the other side, as we dive into the
'Barbarian Other', we see emerge new colors, new airs, like Russia
multi-polar air, and France's Tour Eiffel hazy air. The Brussels air is a
bit like a diagonal between " air " of France, and the one of " air "
breathed forth by Bernie Sanders,
which would explain the attitude of Federica Mogherini in Iran. Chess Board
taking a slower account as possible to change in the White House, to take
effect  in 2020, or later.
In turn, the world foreign affairs have grown so different in such a speed
than few inhabitants of the islands of
political correctness have a straight vision, such as those Princes have as
a duty to understand fully.

What would be interesting for the citizens of political correctness, is to
seek how to understand the point of
view of those in the little towns, those with few money, few education, and
who do not "believe" in the same
faith/reason in the French Republic and a correct understanding of the laws
of self-destructiveness of ethnic
passions. This is where Guattari 's subjectivity, Geoffroy de
Saint-Hillaire, and Jacob von Uexküll present an alternative to
Aristotle and Cuvier.  But such study have we not yet heard of.

The aim of such study would be indeed to reform the French State Apparatus
of Capture, for example taking
analogical inspiration from Radio Tomate and the becoming radio and
molecular of the mind proposed by Guattari,
in order to opt for a "becoming city" of the whole (citizens) of the
country. And beyond. Perhaps going against the grain of the day
against climate change, wherein we see so many hurried people blaming the
Politicians for being too "lazy" in implementing the
legislation. Not as fast they want and thus leeward they thus anon want a
RIC. At the same time, we could imagine valor of
'unaffected terrain' allocated  to certain new deserts created in the
Becoming City of the Whole State.
a bit like the Balkans working as temporary archaeologically protected
Buffer Zones between Europe and Turkey. Aesthetics of the Terrain Vague.

Yet, it is uncertain that the multicultural political correctness tolerance
shows signs of reflexive racism.
At the contrary, that is what we can understand from Deleuze reflexion on
Hume (1953) :
there needs to be opposition to the Referendum of Initiative Citoyenne (RIC)
from those defending Subjectivity and Aesthetics, the Arts, the Sciences,
as a way to develop the
hunting heads of the Margins responsible for the Growth of Society, whereas
legislative Reflexivity would be
threatened by a movement like RIC: the more any citizen can create
legislation with no mediation, the less intelligent
the countryside will be, and the more Trump like Unilateralism we get their
ways free. that is not reflexive
and the gravity of the State is what enables slowness and time for the
Margins to imagine further
non poetic developments. The reflective tolerance which accepts Kusturica's
racism with the Slovens is perhaps part
of what Henry Miller called why France is working in Europe a bit like
China, something tempering down the
speed with which sea farers of the Anglo-Saxon world play with the world.
What is perhaps more problematic
in France, is the way the country side small town citizens, have gained
respect as such within the Intelligentsia and the
Margins, and how Radio Tomate "becoming city" of the Country Side citizens
offers not a plausible solution yet instead a desert of reflexion. I meant
it is the unthought why their is such an organic constitution on the Earth,
with those
poly - ethnic capitals and the countries across the Haze of the Intellect.
was nevertheless the idea of a mutual becoming proposed by Deleuze and
Guattari. You get the sense sometimes
that artists are affirmative of the action of the yellow jackets, only in
order to contain the recuperation of such passion by populist parties like
or UKIP : a dangerous recuperation of the votes of the countryside ethnic
passions. It is a way then to "like" Emir Kusturica racist statement,
Kusturica represents someone who comes from "those" " Barbaric Other " hazy
(easily switching) territories, Kusturica who is an Intellectual, giving
us the illusion as City Dwellers, that we are well seated in our City
Walls, that we do not have to build the "Becoming-City" and the
"Becoming-Multicultural" of everybody, a "Becoming-Minoritarian" , of the
world, the broad world with which Capitol Hill plays too fast.

The political problem nowadays is more than ever the lack of Consistency
across Molar Hazy Frontiers
rather than the Reflexive Chess Racism. the Molar Hazy Frontiers are non
Reflective in the Mind of the citizens.
Control Society builds Walls around the City. You are well seated within
the Wealth of the Cultural Heritage.
 the Haze is like the Veil of Appearances. Consistency is the Margins'
constitution and production of
territorial objects connecting the territories across the hazy frontiers.
Whereas "deterritorialised" productions
 lack connexion in the brains of our Planet Earth. there is not only a
century long industrial lack of interest and respect for Earth's DNA,
but as well an Intelligentsia lack of respect for the Brain thinking the
DNA of the Earth, happening one level below Molarity.
one level below the Chess Board of Modernity.


Le jeu. 14 mars 2019 à 15:17, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
écrit :

> 'Perhaps the best way to encapsulate an epoch is to focus not on the
> explicit features that define its social and ideological efices but on
> the disavowed ghosts that haunt it, dwelling in a mysterious region of
> nonexistent entities which none the less (persist [italics]), continue
> to exert their efficacy.
> ....
> Here, however, we encounter the first paradox of the Balkans: it seems
> as if the Balkans themselves had, in the eyes of Europe, the peculiar
> status of a ghost that haunts -- are not the post-Yugoslav Balkans,
> this vortex of (self)destructive ethnic passions, the exact opposite,
> almost a kind of photographic negative, of the tolerant coexistence of
> ethnic communities, a kind of multiculturalist dream turned into a
> nightmare? Does not the very indeterminate and shifting geographic
> delimitation of the Balkans indicate their spectral status? Where do
> the Balkans begin? -- the Balkans are always somewhere else, a little
> bit more to the southeast....many arrogant Frenchmen associate Germany
> itself with an Eastern Balkan brutality entirely foreign to French
> finesse, and this brings us to the last link in this chain: to some
> conservative British opponents of the European Union, for whom --
> implicitly, at least -- the whole of continental Europe functions today
> as a new version of the Balkans Turkish Empire, with Brussels as the
> new Istanbul, a voracious despotic centre which threatens British
> freedom and sovereignty....Is not this identification of continental
> Europe itself with the Balkans, its barbarian Other, the secret truth
> of the entire movement of the displaced delimitation between the two?
> This enigmatic multiple displacement of the frontier clearly
> demonstrates that in the case of the Balkans we are dealing not with
> real geography but with an imaginary cartography which projects on the
> real landscape its own shadowy, often disavowed, ideological
> antagonisms, just as Freud claimed that the localization of the
> hysteric's conversion symptoms project on to the physical body the (map
> [it.]) of another, imaginary anatomy....the point to be made is that
> precisely in so far as the Balkans' function as such a spectral entity,
> reference to them enables us to discern, in a kind of spectral
> analysis, the different modes of today's racism. First, there is the
> old-fashioned unabashed rejection of the (despotic, barbarian,
> orthodox, Muslim, corrupt, Oriental....) Balkan Other on behalf of
> authentic (Western, civilized, democratic, christian....) values. Then
> there is reflexive Politically Correct racism: the multiculturalist
> perception of the Balkans as the terrain of ethnic horrors and
> intolerance, of primitive irrational warring passions....The example of
> Kusturica's films enables us to identify another feature of the Western
> perception of the Balkans: the logic of displaced racism....when in an
> interview about his film Underground, Kusturica dismissed the Slovenes
> as a nation of Austrian grooms, nobody even reacted to the open racism
> of this statement -- it was OK, since an 'authentic' exotic artist from
> the less developed part of ex-Yugoslavia was attacking the most
> developed part of it....(The Balkans constitute a place of exception
> with regard to which the tolerant multiculturalist is allowed to act
> out his-her repressed racism[it.]).
> Therein lies the main ideological lesson of 'the Balkans' : when
> theorists like Anthony Giddens or Ulrich Beck define contemporary
> society as a 'risk society', the reference to 'the Balkans' allows us
> to supplement their analysis by pointing out how, today, (racism itself
> is becoming reflexive [it.]).'
> (Zizek, The Fragile Absolute -- or why is the christian legacy worth
> fighting for? pp. 3-6))
> 'Translators, such barbarians!'
> (D&G list, circa 1990s)

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