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If there is a hypertext that has already been written, then D&G
musicians may be interested in reading it: the music of amino acids.
Some representation was necessary to assign the amino acids to the keys
of a saxophone, there bering 20 basic sax keys just as there are 20
basic amino acids. The notes on the right are concert pitch, the
letters on the left are amino acids. They represent the isoelectric pH
(power of hydrogen) of each amino. Because each is a unique number, we
arranged them according to the sequence from the highest to lowest
notes, starting from the highest note (the highest pH):

R E flat


H C sharp



L B flat


V A flat


W F sharp


S E 

Y E flat


T C sharp

_________________________________________Octave Line


C B flat


D A flat

Once these are learned, any amino acid sequence in the Universe can be
played as music. This system can also be "translated" to piano, etc.

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>Hi. I am sorry, I was upset with Nathan Widder continuation with
>Aquinas and his Teogonic clinamen. I think the example of Nietzsche
>help us seek other ways to make philosophy than with concepts and
>such recycling signifiers. I am starting weary of this conversation, I
>I would rather we did a hypertext based on a narrative than a dialogue
>shaped as teogony
>with recycling signifiers. I think the Deleuzian idea that Nietzsche
>making use
>of narrative representation instead than static representations, oh no
>that the ideas Nietzsche was having became alive, as much as conceptual
>in his writings, would help us empower the mouths of the volcano. We
>seek out to be mindful instead than "portraits", to do musical
>compositions, with a beginning
>and an end. We should be schizophrens instead than hysterics.
>Then what matters is HyperText: how would HyperText enable us to weave
>patterns in the space-time architectural fabric, which would be full
>perceptual. by HyperText
>I just mean the construction of open dialogues between the driftline
>participants. But we could
>distinguish in the Hypertext, the recylcing signifiers, yet driven by
>dramatis (conceptual or figural) personae.
>What is important is that the dramatis personae of our dialogues here
>become more important
>than our email aliases. When driving the conversations.
>Johnny Petterson.
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>> as to Nietzsche's quote in your mention,
>> I'd reckon Fried. Nietzsche was talking (perceptually?) or anyway
>> historically rather
>> than conceptually. When mentioning "christian god", sure does he
>> about
>> the figure of the Jesus Christ dude. Nietzsche is often ironical and
>> will to truth
>> is speaking of the people who come as the historical followers of the
>> historical Jesus Christ.
>> The Figure of Christ "in the mind" of the followers "works" and
>> religious effect,
>> what Widder calls faith and which is just a feeling. Feeling
>> both Reason and Faith, again the both self destruct as concepts
>> when you consider the necessity of producing concepts within the full
>> feeling.
>> Whether Aquinas proves the concept
>> of that feeling, that is if nobody is missing the definition he
>> would probably not
>> matter for Nietzsche. That was Nietzsche's novelty in the history of
>> philosophy, its
>> *Unzeitgemässetikheidt (?) *Nietzsche took pleasure with playing with
>> such "personnages conceptuels" as
>> Aquinas or Jesus Christ, because he did not feel the need to prove
>> concept (besides knowing his concepts full well)
>> unlikely anxious in a way that nobody would miss it, or not dig it.
>> was what he meant by a sudden "will to truth"
>> killing Jesus Christ in such a Roman Crucifixion Drama. The
followers are
>> a metaphor for such historians of philosophy such
>> as Nathan Widder. How ironical innit? Bravo Fried.!! carry on,
>> Continuation, please!!
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