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Seems Felix wants the sculptor to using hypercomplex communication in his
conversation with him. Hypercomplexes ought not remain in works of winds.
They could be taught in continuous education to help poors in France to
jump away from their condition and go to Paris, or Tokio. Not be stuck in
urban areas which due to the climate are so depressing in winter the
polution in Europa.

Le lun. 28 janv. 2019 à 2:52 AM, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
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> lundi matin lack of mental mutation can be seen in the foulards rouges
> reaction, because they don't want a "replay" of revolution. Foulards
> rouges are perceiving the 11th week jaunes as a traditional image of
> threat, each one perceiving differently to various semantic extents,
> though all agreeing to react under the signifier's banner "revolution"
> whilst replacing it with their own, "democracy." Battle of the Alphabet
> People.
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> >Gilets jaunes is in its 11th week of protest? U.S. media is not
> >covering it. Mutations of pathic transference should be schizoanalyzed,
> >because the reaction to Yellow Jackets is now taking on intensity:
> >
> >27 Jan 2019 Le Monde Au lendemain de l'acte XI des "gilets jaunes"
> >quelque 10,000 "foulards rouges" ont defile a Paris
> >
> >Yes, the colors of each Japanese alphabet will be customized to the
> >whims of each of the children. The translator-barbarian offers comment:
> >
> >'Guattari: The same holds true with me. But how can I put it, is there
> >anything more deterritorialized? For example, is the glittering of
> >raindrops on the surface of macadam pavement not significant for you?
> >Does this not enter into your workshop? Have you ever tried to "make an
> >odor dance?" This fragrance is specific to some hour in the late
> >afternoon, and it is what I would call a hypercomplex object.
> >
> >Tanaka: Well, I don't fix any materials. They can be water or soil; or
> >plants just as well. It is better to grasp materials in a bodily sense,
> >which I call (wind [italics]) in my workshop, because they subsist as a
> >kind of "common sense." That is why the object is never fixed.
> >
> >Guattari: But is it done through deterritorialized components? Don't
> >you use different, trans-semiotic elements, for instance, smells,
> >sounds, or impressions?
> >
> >Translator: In this case, the point of view should be changed a little
> >bit, even while retaining the same words and elements. When Min-san
> >talks about the wind, it is already made up of very complicated
> >components. When a body is compressed by wind, if I can relate it to
> >the question raised by Mr. Guattari, for instance, a case where, unlike
> >addressing the rain in a Haiku poem, it is already so formulated that
> >it has a complicated relationship that cannot be reduced to an
> >abundance of significance. In other words, the body is not semantic.
> >
> >Guattari: And then, one comes to the issue of site.
> >
> >Tanaka: It is a question whether we call a space a site or have
> >materials required to be called a site.'
> >(Guattari, Machinic Eros)
> >
> >There are more complications for our schizoanalysis if we take note of
> >Jean-Luc Nancy's phrase, 'we (are italics])meaning.' (The Gravity of
> >Thought)
> >
> >
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> >>Reading this makes me think even the most pro-yellow jackets
> >>politicophilozoers like lundi matin, lack mental mutation.
> >>If anything large scale happens art&aesthetic paradigm wise , its
> >somehow
> >>akin to liberal left, with cross-planes of reference, and close to
> >>scientific universes of references. Yellow jackets are too much
> >>re-territorialized on continental scales of opinions. Natural States.
> >>
> >>Strange how difficult it is to spot traditional irish ( language)
> >singing
> >>on spotify. Social media cannot yet compete with pathic modulations.
> >Maybe
> >>its so hugely invested by teenagers and students in uni. Older
> >generation
> >>relativise social media by continental scales of opinions.
> >>
> >>Perhaps there could be a desanckorage of emergent expression, a
> >>radicalisation and communalisation of pathic modulation, provided the
> >>social media walls can be gradually erased. Some ten years from now,
> >the
> >>teenagers could have some trouble reterritorialize, some prepare the
> >>smoothing out of the scales of opinions. The reterritorialization
> >tools of
> >>integral capital for instagram followers will look so artificial ; as
> >to
> >>those who will have digged flights of escapes. To those the world will
> >seem
> >>so lsd beautiful, so natural. The way we look at hairdressings so
> dated
> >>when we see an mtv 80´s videoclip, all these tools of
> >reterritorialization
> >>of nowadays for the teenager part of the mind. I mean tools like
> >instagram,
> >>snapchat and facebook. They will be dated to this pre-crumble epoch
> >period
> >>of the 2019. We will understand we have lost time with black holes.
> >Dating
> >>us.
> >>
> >>Le dim. 27 janv. 2019 à 1:52 AM, Mike Lansing
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> >>écrit :
> >>
> >>> 'Do we have to wait for global political transformations before
> >>> undertaking molecular revolutions that will converge on changing
> >>> mentalities? We find ourselves in a doubly difficult situation: on
> >one
> >>> hand, society, politics and the economy cannot be changed without a
> >>> mutation of mentalities; but, on the other hand, mentalities can
> only
> >>> be truly changed if global society follows a movement of
> >>> transformation. The social experimentation on the grand scale that
> we
> >>> are advocating will constitute one of the means of escaping from
> this
> >>> contradiction.
> >>> ....
> >>> On the
> >>>
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