[D-G] D&G on Brexit

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Wed Jan 16 14:39:48 PST 2019

Moscow Times 16 Jan 2019 Lavrov: We're Not Rubbing Our Hands in Glee
Over Brexit

With Dukuzov in a Urkrainian jail, fresh exchange opportunities arise:

Moscow Times 16 Jan 2019 Russia Decides to Hold Jailed Ukrainian
Sailors Until April 24

Yahoo News 16 Jan 2019 Russia Says it Caught Former U.S. Marine Accused
of Spying Red-Handed

Moscow Times 16 Jan 2019 Russia Urged to Investigate Reports of LGBT +
Crackdown in Chechnya
'European Parliament urged Russia on Tuesday.'

Since Conversations with a Barbarian could very well be the book that
got Klebnikov killed, we think that it is worth translating into
English to further schizoanalyze the pathologies of church-and-state
capitalism and islamochristian-style sharia law (currently evolving),
via Deleuze and Law (two different versions including Braidotti's) and
LeFebvre's The Image of Law. 

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