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in the following excerpt from Petterson ( *Fri Dec 14 14:49:39 PST 2018*
*)*  : <<

Johnny Pett said: "But I don't think ATP would have included the idea
> of a Visible State (perceptible to the Persona) as a terrorist entity
> as Lacan had said (your quote).'

>> what was attempted, on the purest subjective or personal lesson,
was making something as "the State" visible. the "State" is something
about which often people talk, yet it seems an abstraction, thus invisible,
when Johnny does not
remember if DG were talking about the "State" as an Abstraction. one of
Petterson's idea
was thus to compare two different places where two different State exist,
and look
for signs of Violence at the frontier between two Machiavellian Orders,
to seek the Terror which marks Apollon-Lacan as the sign of the State(s).
Yet, later on , the notion of "Centrality" helped Petterson to have a more
refined notion of the "State".
(see previous 01/10/2019) . We hope to make Central Command of State
relatable in Petterson's Perception as well.

Perceiving The State's Morphology is important in order to decipher the
other Regimes of Signs exterior to State.

what are the origin of formation of the state in Mike's understanding, and
does State have a show in Perception in Mike's Person?

it seems by the way to Johnny Petterson: when understanding the signs
emanating from this charm interview of France 24;
 that the aforementioned Gulenist movement is the one behind the Coup of
Summer 2017, because he has entered honestly
in dispute with Erdogan after having "loved" him? Is this something which
Mike would want to validate in one way or another, or rather contradict?

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> If ATP states that the State always arises already formed, the
> contradiction would be to disagree with the origins of its formation,
> visible or not visible, a kind of oxymoron when relating to perception.
> Gulen imitates the migrant UK Founding Fathers by going to
> Pennsylvania, and once there tries gets arrogant and cock-sure while
> instilling terror in the hearts of the U.S. prisoners by stating that
> "I don't think either Trump or any other U.S. president will tarnish
> the reputation of the United States around the world and submit to
> these unreasonable demands by the Turkish president.'
> This statement can be viewed at time-point 1:46 in the video.
> Gulen
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QseSvczllw

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