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You refer to what book that Negri supposedly wrote on his own?

In the Youtube video "Assembly' Hardt mentions Standing Rock Sioux and
the pipeline protests, which resonate with Yellow Jackets in a general
world protest against environment-debauching petroleum addiction. For
pathologies of the Colonizer and its modus operandi, here is one
excerpt from Green:

'If the moment of the birth of the silence between Big Warrior and
Crowell is cloudy, the issue that conceived it clearly emerged from the
controversy over the right of Christian missionaries to preach in the
Nation. The Reverend William Capers, formerly of Savannah, first
entered the Creek Nation in September 1821 as a representative of the
MIssionary Committee of the South Carolina Conference of the Methodist
Church. His purpose was to win the approval of the National Council for
him to "sit down among their red brothers and teach their children to
read and write, and teach them other good things." Seeking out William
McIntosh, he presented letters of introduction and endorsement from
former agent MItchell, McINtosh's Savannah half-brother John McINtosh
and other prominent Georgians. Together they attended the meeting of
the National Council. Crowell explained to Capers that the Creeks were
suspicious of missionaries. They had two major objections: missionaries
worked their children too hard in agriculture and mechanical courses,
which the Creeks interpreted as an effort to make slaves of them; and
missionaries wanted too much land and the right to maintain herds that
were too large on Creek lands. As Crowell had predicted, Big Warrior
questioned Capers at length on these points

At the conclusion of the Council session, Capers, Big Warrior, Little
Prince, and George Lovett signed the extraordinary "Articles of
Agreement," which authorized Capers to establish two schools, one near
Coweta, the other near Tuckabatchee, by May 1822. By this agreement,
any Creek could send his children to school, the schools would provide
the children "comfortable lodging and suitable food," and teachers
would "at all times treat the children committed to their care with
becoming tenderness and regard." In a postscript, the signatories
agreed that "whosoever either of the above named schools, or any
teacher of said schools, shall have become offensive to the Nation,
such school, or teacher of a school, shall be withdrawn from the
Nation." There was no reference to religious instruction of preaching.'
(Green MD, The Politics of Indian Removal: Creek Government and Society
in Crisis, pp. 63-4)

Gulen's modus operandi was even more effortless to establish
church-and-state sharia islamochristian pathologies: all one needed was
money. From whom did Gulen purchase the Pennsylvania real estate? No
one seems to be able to answer the question.

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>> What is Negri's most recent book?
>> We see this church-and-state pathology early on in the desire of the
>> Colonizer to set up religion and schools for the Creek Indians, and
>> this we will be excerpting from Green's The Politics of Indian
>> Creek Government in Crisis.
>in 1000 plateaus there is mention of earth religion in chapter the
>in karamazov, there is the now oft spokenabout claim, if god is dead
all is
>i would say:this is typicall how atheism comes as a layer of the
>cross which
>is an image or a collection of images (the church) which is itself a
>above the earth religion
>talked about in the refrain plateau. every animal has action and
>expressing themselves in religions.
>that's what dg summarized as the earth religion. the critical eye of
>marxist or the atheist is
>unconscious of itself. (because the new layer) i think deleuze was
>conscious of this phenomenon and raised the issue
>by talking of the "visage" the face in eisenstein's movies. the eye of
>ethnographer analysing
>the relations settling between Colonizers and Creeks should be given
>inflation, dimensions, in a n+1 type of cinema,
>which would espouse the 'return closer to the plants and rocks'
passage in
>deleuze and guattari wip? wouldn't you think so?
>the eye, as vision in flesh,
>would be seen, the activity of what is the vision in an eye. carving
>roots rhizomes in the mind fabric. in the hope of a future a next
>the shadow of man on cinema and amidst the earth.
>the shadow of cinema in reverse tonality, on the eye of man being
>like the christian cross: an image, a virtuality, and the travelling,
>of this image, a new fantasia of church, something Mark Fisher in a
>to 'the weird and the eerie' would have cherished
>to explore. then Toni Negri could write his next invocation to
reclaiming a
>common in all that.
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