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> What is Negri's most recent book?
> We see this church-and-state pathology early on in the desire of the
> Colonizer to set up religion and schools for the Creek Indians, and for
> this we will be excerpting from Green's The Politics of Indian Removal:
> Creek Government in Crisis.

in 1000 plateaus there is mention of earth religion in chapter the refrain.
in karamazov, there is the now oft spokenabout claim, if god is dead all is
i would say:this is typicall how atheism comes as a layer of the christian
cross which
is an image or a collection of images (the church) which is itself a layer
above the earth religion
talked about in the refrain plateau. every animal has action and passions
expressing themselves in religions.
that's what dg summarized as the earth religion. the critical eye of the
marxist or the atheist is
unconscious of itself. (because the new layer)  i think deleuze was partly
conscious of this phenomenon and raised the issue
by talking of the "visage" the face in eisenstein's movies. the eye of the
ethnographer analysing
the relations settling between Colonizers and Creeks should be given
inflation, dimensions, in a n+1 type of cinema,
which would espouse the 'return closer to the plants and rocks' passage in
deleuze and guattari wip? wouldn't you think so?
the eye, as vision in flesh,
would be seen, the activity of what is the vision in an eye. carving some
roots rhizomes in the mind fabric. in the hope of a future a next layer.
the shadow of man on cinema and  amidst the earth.
the shadow of cinema in reverse tonality, on the eye of man being something
like the christian cross: an image, a virtuality, and the travelling, the
of this image, a new fantasia of church, something Mark Fisher in a sequel
to 'the weird and the eerie' would have cherished
to explore. then Toni Negri could write his next invocation to reclaiming a
common in all that.

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