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was Wenk a real thing or just a bot?

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> On 25.06.2018 01:26, malgosia askanas wrote:
> > It seems to me that the way "some people" write is not an entirely
> > satisfactory explanation for what killed a list of over 500
> > subscribers.  Couldn't you have many different people writing in many
> > different ways and still have a very viable list?
> >
> >
> > On 2018-06-24 06:53 PM, martin hardie wrote:
> >> The problem it seems with this list, and I suspect the new, is that it
> >> some
> >> people seem to think to be Deluzian you must write like a space cadet
> >> hippy
> >> using as many jargonised words that you think sound like Deleuze. It
> >> killed
> >> this list. Let's hope their is light somewhere else. Poor old Gilles
> >> must
> >> be trying to jump out of his window again, out at least rolling in his
> >> grave.
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> we had thought it came related with facebook development of groups
> (since around 2009;after the yahoo groups, around year 2004)
> we thought aswell the usual writer found a new hotspot on either book
> publishing, accademic assertion, or blog and internet writing. they
> found a new public.
> but indeed, it could aswell be remotely linked with the very deleuze
> guattari spoon list history, as we can find it in the archives.
> there was this guy called "liza kolzner" who sometimes thought he was a
> baby monkey called "gondominnie"
> Mark Crosby tried to talk with the sign language developed by Liza
> Kozner and Adline Vanlindenbergh.
> then Happened Harald Wenk, and his strange talks with a wrecked
> keyboard, which was sometimes working. high fun for Martin, i guess.
> then the list was something quite anarchist intellectuals from us and uk
> mainly, or the English Board of Communications on Earth.
> but Clifford Duffy brought in the question of Paul Bryant being a spy
> for Israel,
> and Andromache shared her view about the Ostyan Platform, back in 2001.
> these where fun years for the (dada)list.
> But in around from 2005 up to 2009, the list got progressively
> controlled by Harald Wenks wrong keyboard.
> Then the list died. But not because of Harald's authoritative
> tendencies: no:
> At the same time, on the collective movement, in 2000 came Toni Negri &
> Hardts book of Empire,
> and the list got more International, that is more World (Europe &
> Canada) than stictly Us and Uk.
> aswell Chris Jones, who's writing novels nowadays i think in Australia.
> But after 2003, came web 2.0 and the social yahoo groups, then quickly
> Facebook.
> Much hope from Deleuze migrated towards Negri and Hardt, and then same
> hope migrated from them to Occupy, Indignados, Zizek, even Assange ( a
> mention of his 'war machine' on this list in 2010 I believe)
> Then there came this pseudo news from Edouard Snowden. and a panick.
> may-be that's what killed the alter- Left.
> I think, ironically, both the List, and the Alter-Left, were killed by
> Snowden, not by NSA. funky what!!
> I personnaly knew from eons ago (1994)that anything you write is
> recorded.
> Something i read in a book which is here: <<Coming of Age in Second
> Life>> by  Tom Boellstorff,
> a book about how humans on internet behave to reproduce the life they
> know In Real Off Line. the use of 2d Life, build avatars looking like
> Clark Kent.
> i think the news of Snowden, disrupted this pattern which is incribed,
> coded deep into the Human as Animal on Earth.
> now they do not dare to take their Behaviors to be a Fantasy expressed
> on the Net.
> Shame on Artist: this is the Meaning in the Heart of Accademics and
> Laymen, dumbydumb-Ignorants alike. They secretely would hate being an
> Artist doing a Fiction. They hate changing the way they think Life, what
> it IS.
> Most of the people on this Planet have this affect, this behavior. We
> are not Here, to judge this Specie.
> We just behave with them.Patiently.
> Anyway, i think the list died because of Snowden revelation, that our
> conversation could be kepts against our Ideals.
> and Ideals are such an important part of those Non-Artists People's
> Brain and Life.
> That's what killed the exchange of Philosophical "concepts" or
> "opinions" on such a List.
> Shame on Snowden, and his false new revelation, which was on Belgian
> radio two years before summer 2013.
> the cables, the diplomatic cables revealed by Wikkileaks, they are such
> drab: they are scandal organized by tabloids.Everyone but the most
> insane dumbydumb knew the content of the cables from eons.
> the reality of eveything on the planet, is way way waaayyy more
> interesting than anything which could ever be revealed by Internet.
> There's no Evolution, though, unless we should be able to trace the
> lines, and draw the Cartography of our Opinions, dwindling, or increase,
> rampage Opinions, or imploding ones.
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