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On 25.06.2018 01:26, malgosia askanas wrote:
> It seems to me that the way "some people" write is not an entirely
> satisfactory explanation for what killed a list of over 500
> subscribers.  Couldn't you have many different people writing in many
> different ways and still have a very viable list?
> On 2018-06-24 06:53 PM, martin hardie wrote:
>> The problem it seems with this list, and I suspect the new, is that it 
>> some
>> people seem to think to be Deluzian you must write like a space cadet 
>> hippy
>> using as many jargonised words that you think sound like Deleuze. It 
>> killed
>> this list. Let's hope their is light somewhere else. Poor old Gilles 
>> must
>> be trying to jump out of his window again, out at least rolling in his
>> grave.
>> dilivanilla.com
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we had thought it came related with facebook development of groups 
(since around 2009;after the yahoo groups, around year 2004)
we thought aswell the usual writer found a new hotspot on either book 
publishing, accademic assertion, or blog and internet writing. they 
found a new public.

but indeed, it could aswell be remotely linked with the very deleuze 
guattari spoon list history, as we can find it in the archives.

there was this guy called "liza kolzner" who sometimes thought he was a 
baby monkey called "gondominnie"
Mark Crosby tried to talk with the sign language developed by Liza 
Kozner and Adline Vanlindenbergh.

then Happened Harald Wenk, and his strange talks with a wrecked 
keyboard, which was sometimes working. high fun for Martin, i guess.

then the list was something quite anarchist intellectuals from us and uk 
mainly, or the English Board of Communications on Earth.

but Clifford Duffy brought in the question of Paul Bryant being a spy 
for Israel,
and Andromache shared her view about the Ostyan Platform, back in 2001. 
these where fun years for the (dada)list.

But in around from 2005 up to 2009, the list got progressively 
controlled by Harald Wenks wrong keyboard.

Then the list died. But not because of Harald's authoritative 
tendencies: no:

At the same time, on the collective movement, in 2000 came Toni Negri & 
Hardts book of Empire,
and the list got more International, that is more World (Europe & 
Canada) than stictly Us and Uk.

aswell Chris Jones, who's writing novels nowadays i think in Australia.

But after 2003, came web 2.0 and the social yahoo groups, then quickly 
Much hope from Deleuze migrated towards Negri and Hardt, and then same 
hope migrated from them to Occupy, Indignados, Zizek, even Assange ( a 
mention of his 'war machine' on this list in 2010 I believe)
Then there came this pseudo news from Edouard Snowden. and a panick. 
may-be that's what killed the alter- Left.
I think, ironically, both the List, and the Alter-Left, were killed by 
Snowden, not by NSA. funky what!!

I personnaly knew from eons ago (1994)that anything you write is 

Something i read in a book which is here: <<Coming of Age in Second 
Life>> by  Tom Boellstorff,
a book about how humans on internet behave to reproduce the life they 
know In Real Off Line. the use of 2d Life, build avatars looking like 
Clark Kent.

i think the news of Snowden, disrupted this pattern which is incribed, 
coded deep into the Human as Animal on Earth.

now they do not dare to take their Behaviors to be a Fantasy expressed 
on the Net.

Shame on Artist: this is the Meaning in the Heart of Accademics and 
Laymen, dumbydumb-Ignorants alike. They secretely would hate being an 
Artist doing a Fiction. They hate changing the way they think Life, what 
it IS.

Most of the people on this Planet have this affect, this behavior. We 
are not Here, to judge this Specie.

We just behave with them.Patiently.

Anyway, i think the list died because of Snowden revelation, that our 
conversation could be kepts against our Ideals.
and Ideals are such an important part of those Non-Artists People's 
Brain and Life.

That's what killed the exchange of Philosophical "concepts" or 
"opinions" on such a List.

Shame on Snowden, and his false new revelation, which was on Belgian 
radio two years before summer 2013.
the cables, the diplomatic cables revealed by Wikkileaks, they are such 
drab: they are scandal organized by tabloids.Everyone but the most 
insane dumbydumb knew the content of the cables from eons.

the reality of eveything on the planet, is way way waaayyy more 
interesting than anything which could ever be revealed by Internet.

There's no Evolution, though, unless we should be able to trace the 
lines, and draw the Cartography of our Opinions, dwindling, or increase, 
rampage Opinions, or imploding ones.

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