[D-G] PLEASE READ: Discontinuing the Deleuze-Guattari list

.Sylvia_Jenepi. sylvia_jenepi at brokenvessels.xyz
Sat Jun 9 03:12:32 PDT 2018

hello Martin.

I have loads of ideas about Deleuze and Guattari (how are they 
those i will collect in a fiction book.
So 'i'd certainly be delighted to continue exchange them on a forum.

But the titles of the subforum, the different parts of the forum, see 
not as defining the future content in contribution from authors such as 
you Martin:

the content is rhizomatic such as was the drift-line.

the headers and titles are somehow vague like the headers in titles in 
ATP, but as a work in progress.

so if its written France & Catalunya, NGO Noosphere and Real Politics,

you can easily translate into: with

Ireland West Sahara Mexico East Timor, whatever you'd imagine:
the idea is to see those zones of relation between surfaces by conflicts 
from high up in the atmosphere,
a bit like in Postulat (ATP) Guattari & Deleuze explain writers such as 
Virginia Woolf
or DH Lawrence started the baby turtoise poem, and then quickly moved Up 
towards a geometrical structure.

But if people do join the forum we shall change and adapt the titles 
according to the discussions running underneath.


PS: Martin:  how to lure people currently ancored to Facebook back for 
discussing Deleuze and Guattari and such Literature,

back onto a Community?? i find it incredible, people have come to 
discuss Philosophy on Social Network (a tool invented by Condoleeza Rice 
to channel the 15 February 'not in my name' protest in 2003 !!)
Facebook is an interface : you talk in Facebook like you would talk in a 
CocaCola Advertizing Campaign!

On 09.06.2018 03:33, martin hardie wrote:
> Sylvia
> Greetings from timor Leste
> Could you make ngo etc institutions group more than France Catalunya 
> ....
> Include the whole smooth space please???
> dilivanilla.com
> On Sat., 9 Jun. 2018, 9:53 am .Sylvia_Jenepi., <
> sylvia_jenepi at brokenvessels.xyz> wrote:
>> oh, yes, come to orbital flat surfaces!!
>> & the book is published:
>> "Geométrie de la Constellation Rêvée"
>> "Geography of the Constructed Mind"
>> <<Le Schéma de Taltli>> is out in bookstores, on amazon:
>> https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=taltli
>> https://www.brokenvessels.xyz/
>> i am writing my Sylvia Jenepi - autobiography, my life experience was 
>> so
>> cool!!!
>> On 08.06.2018 21:36, malgosia askanas wrote:
>> > Dear All,
>> >
>> > I believe this list has long outlived its subscribers' interest in
>> > discussing Deleuze and Guattari; moreover, should you experience a
>> > re-stirring of such interest, Sylvia Jenepi's vividly-colored Orbital
>> > Surface at
>> >
>> >       https://orbitalflatsurface.xyz/
>> >
>> > to which we have all been invited a few months ago, offers a new
>> > medium for such discussions.  Consequently, in a day or two I intend
>> > to close down this list.  Its archives, of course, will continue to be
>> > accessible at
>> >
>> >       http://www.driftline.org  (old posts)
>> >
>> > and
>> >
>> http://lists.driftline.org/pipermail/deleuze-guattari-driftline.org/
>> > (more recent posts)
>> >
>> >
>> > Malgosia Askanas
>> >

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