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Dewey Dell dewey.dell5 at gmail.com
Sat May 20 15:55:08 PDT 2017

i don't know if the vimeo tv. tracking/counter is counting accurately.
if it is, then I tell ya, one person from South america, and two from North
have seen two days ago, the most -easy access (the 6 school years
animations expérimentales) in my vim page broadcasted two days ago here.

since yesterday night, i have edited a new video to exercise my unconscious,
that you can see here:

given the references of such a list: Deleuze, Guattari,.. then Fernando
Pessoa, & Walt Whitman,..
the tradition of hospitality among artists and talkers of the modern 'free'
given that, at the exception of a few canadian private and secret
 blogspots, Deleuze and Guattari being,
still today in 2017 offline and online, @ the 'extreme point' forefront
(really!), the avant-guarde of art and philo thinking,
it tells 'you' something about a 'post-media deserted world' if, as it
seems to happen now,  you don't get your feed-back on
a work of art of yours, precisely because the few lurkers of the
'dg-list' are afraid of clicking on the linkS.. lol.

i have seen on 'the guardian' an piece of text last week telling a certain
Jean-Michel Basquiat 1982 painting,
has been sold for 000 000 000 $ .

seriously, pray you don't see me as one egotist, but my work should be
valued, even if it does not pre-dates 1997,
and anonyymous as i am, at least as far as the double of this amount of
money. Jean-Michel Basquiat, in my opinion, has the
slight say 'Guattari Subjectivity' 'marginal' touch which makes it 000 $
more worthy than any of those Contemporary Wanking_Jerks (artists such like
Banksi or Jeff Koons),
which are 'famous' or just exposed in MOMA or Saatchi in London in 2017.
But Basquiat was linked too much in his jerk-aesthetic to Andy Warhol,
to stand out in the long term of intellectual pleasure. (contemporary art
is about synaptic pleasure, not affects or human-becoming)

It's true that such artists as Van Gogh's or Cézanne collect vasts amounts
of 000 $ in sells aswell. Now Klimt. Strange. May-be the gold in the
But serious thinkers can reckon they are important.  Cézanne, Van Gogh,
Masaccio, Matta, They ground break. They have a philosophy that is on their
own league, and which they express in sculptures and paintings. They are
just as much as Philosophers as: Aristotle, Lucrèce, Deleuze. Yet. They
make use of another medium than the Newspapers to express themselves.
That's the only difference ican see, if we d-g think about human-becoming
relevancy, and about the 'standing', the 'formatting'.

now, i think the three d-g people who read this and who have been brave
enough to click on the
link to 'TV Complex', and who havn't dared in their guts to click on the
link to 'Le Schéma de Taltli' can teach me,
for example that I am scaring people off, that, living in 'new cold ward' -
'post-media' world, i don't give the
new inhabitants of this world, the clue or tools to access to the
'meanings', or the 'affects' of my stuffs.
But. If i don't get any feed-back, no chance i can enbetter my TV works. no
chance you to get to 'know' you to do your best to seize an opportunity to
change something in the TV, or to modify the patterns in the world in
which TV-Internet 'swims'.

Thank You for Reading!
Many Cheers!

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