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We not meet in London but Dolar March(n)and, Brittany, where on the
ceiling of the sepulchre of the tomb is inscribed a plumed axe, very
similar to the Chinese character for yueh 'axe.' This is the true
west-end of the Silk Road. Tintin's magnesium addiction, Japanese
takenomeyou 'native sulfur of a bright yellow color.'....Vermeil
morphing. Tintin's addiction is comparable to the prisoner's addiction:

Asia's Orthographic Dilemma
'....to satisfy a user's addiction....Five Paradoxes of Character
Limitations....that doom all attempts at reforming sinography....'

First, Tintin and Milou must show where the incorrigible juvenile
delinquent is coming from, an irresponsible trajectory that has led to a
mass dumbing-down process:

Oldest Chinese Writing, 20th Century B.C.
www.fa-kuan.muc.de/ARCHAIC.RXML <http://www.fa-kuan.muc.de/ARCHAIC.RXML>
We don't think that we can have it ready in the time for the digital
conference so Tintin and Molly can try it out, though we are forming
sentences with japano-guattarian script in parallel to its English
"equivalent." It's French equivalent would be interesting, and the new
"object" to appear at cafes would be a black box set on the table for
the sender and receiver to privately and silently converse in said
japano-guattarian without having it first sent to Jaba's satellite.

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ok. capito.all my wish of hopes you the best (then) ,
and i'd say , if one day a certain spinoza's critique of negligence
could not apply in this hubaperception of Alzheimer club subjectivity,
i'd quickly try to free-frame what is happening and so add:
it has been observed by the recurrency in gaps in the afore-mentioned
Chinese script.txt
,and with some club super-subjectivity's mighty help, we'd thus reckon
the ill-fated hypochondrical transe fixions of being consumed(!)
are what is Happening in True Forms: I so feel coming the fractions of
ghosts of Cine Cita,
--re-localizing their points-particles in the text/to chimera --( Have I
allude to Hollywood's famous script King Lear Ran
which has been yore & directed by A.Kurozawa in U.S.A.?), stolen they
it is said, they to be dialogued soon!!
And by whom? --> I'd say by the both the insiders/& thesecret
outsiders, the "Tintin & Milou" agents,
whose heroic unapologetically neglectful forensic constraints,
would no doubt succeed to counter - strike any new spinozist
poor Baruch, who much knew how to intercede with books to fight madness,
inasmuch their (Tintin & Milou's) non-human passion,
and oft gaps in speeches songs,
are now most urgent labelled by France & Cordelia, and a prime
lest they fear, by lack of Tintin & Milou's addictive performances,
the Kingdom becomes another prey to the dusty desert: it is under the
haptic magnesium SunnySpell now (I see it),
& it falls asunder (I see it Happening!!) due 2 the android Shadow and
an automated Hyphenation,
logged deep the Dark Dollards' Alzheimer's Naggings look at us.

well i don't know .may-be see ya in London.

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> This from the Aut-opsy list:
> Digital Objects, Digital Subjects
> the-6th-icts-society-conference/
> Accompanying are the smokeless counterpart to big digital as books
> disappear from library shelves in the Western Hemisphere, a replay of
> knowledge envy at Alexandria. Accompanying are State surveillance of
> those books now always on fire in the crematoria, yet never actually
> consumed.
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