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Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 14:57:20 PDT 2017

ok. capito.all my wish of hopes you the best (then) ,
and i'd say , if one day  a certain spinoza's critique of negligence
could not apply in this hubaperception of Alzheimer club subjectivity,
i'd quickly try to free-frame what is happening and so add:
it has been observed by the recurrency in gaps in the afore-mentioned
Chinese script.txt
,and with some club super-subjectivity's mighty help, we'd thus reckon to
the ill-fated hypochondrical transe fixions of being consumed(!)
are what is Happening in True Forms: I so feel coming the fractions of the
ghosts of Cine Cita,
--re-localizing their points-particles in the text/to chimera --( Have I to
allude to Hollywood's famous script King Lear Ran
which has been yore & directed by A.Kurozawa in U.S.A.?), stolen they be!,
it is said, they to be dialogued soon!!
 And by whom? --> I'd say by the both the insiders/& thesecret
outsiders, the "Tintin & Milou" agents,
whose heroic unapologetically neglectful forensic constraints,
 would no doubt succeed to counter - strike any new spinozist
poor Baruch, who much knew how to intercede with books to fight madness,
inasmuch their (Tintin & Milou's) non-human passion,
and oft gaps in speeches songs,
are now most urgent labelled by France & Cordelia, and a prime necessity,
lest they fear, by lack of Tintin & Milou's addictive performances,
the Kingdom becomes another prey to the dusty desert: it is under the
haptic magnesium SunnySpell now (I see it),
& it falls asunder (I see it Happening!!) due 2 the android Shadow and
an automated Hyphenation,
 logged deep the Dark Dollards' Alzheimer's Naggings look at us.

well i don't know .may-be see ya  in London.

2017-03-17 0:00 GMT+01:00 Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com>:

> This from the Aut-opsy list:
> Digital Objects, Digital Subjects
> http://icts-and-society.net/events/digital-objects-digital-subjects-a-sy
> mposium-on-activism-research-critique-in-the-age-of-big-data-capitalism-
> the-6th-icts-society-conference/
> Accompanying are the smokeless counterpart to big digital as books
> disappear from library shelves in the Western Hemisphere, a replay of
> knowledge envy at Alexandria. Accompanying are State surveillance of
> those books now always on fire in the crematoria, yet never actually
> consumed.
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