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A David Chandler potential, but opposition potential: Guattari mentions
school, the children learn a template that represents what sounds they
were producing before the introduction of the template. Asian languages
are a mess. Japanese never does allow the prisoner to see what a
consonant looks like standing on its own two feet without copulating
with a vowel. Then, the Chinese introduce kanji. Delire. Carl Gustav
Jung: "Individuation is a painful process." Eye-pain of inscription, the
flip-side of fascism translates to wall refurbishing on a morphing

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>*Governmentalities of the Digital: Mapping, Sensing and Hacking*
>*by David Chandler*
>In this presentation I explore three ways of rethinking the human
>the digital. The first is reactive; here, the use of ubiquitous data is
>seen to enable new methods of mapping/tracing relations in time and
>In this paradigm, problems are seen more clearly through an ontology of
>depth, 'drilling down' to context where processes/path dependencies
come to
>light which can be intervened in. The second is responsive, the
paradigm of
>sensing and datafication: seeing relations in real-time, to enable
>increasingly automated processes of governing emergence. Here, the
>of Things and cyborg more-than-human assemblages are imagined to govern
>with rather than over or against potential problems or threats of
>change, disease or socio-economic crises. The goal is that of
>the maintenance of the status-quo or homeostatic governance. The third
>of adaptation is autopoietic, less goal-directed and therefore more
>future-orientated, for example, hacking as a project of exploration of
>possibilities of relations and processes, detaching and repurposing
>assemblages creating new possibilities. In all three, the
'what-is-ness' of
>the world is given its due; there are no assumptions of linear,
abstract or
>universal frames of knowledge or governmental capacity. They could also
>seen as stages through which 'the digital', in enabling adaptive
>possibilities, has facilitated the building of a home in a posthuman
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>> This from the Aut-opsy list:
>> Digital Objects, Digital Subjects
>> the-6th-icts-society-conference/
>> --->
>the number first seems to be the Science/Physis approach.
>using the digital
>elements to explore what is not (yet) digitalized. [the justification
>be the empowerment of the (not yet digitalized) inhabitants of this
>home based in the posthuman world]
>then the next phase (number second) happens when everything
>has become Assumptions and thus this shall happen in Future Real-Time
>{(David Chandler notices how (Future) Real-Time is resilient, that is,
>if you remember about the rhizomes which the (an)droid's understanding
>explores in our current Science/Physis; -he phrases this:
>'the due"what-is-ness"of the world'-... })
>the last (third) phase in this abstract, is after being forced to
>phase one and phase two noticed in its character, Science/Physis has
>finally accepted to relate with a-phasic sensuality to this two-phasic
>of it's own abc procedurality ,or (non)digital instinct.
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