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Virilio's Night Consoles

'As with the Michelsberg culture in the Rhineland, the
Chassey-Michelsburg culture in the Paris Basin does not see an immediate
development of linear tombs. A recent survey of the sparse evidence for
burial in the Michelsberg of the upper and middle Rhine has described
the evidence for burial within pits and ditches in associated with
domestic occupation. (Lichardus 1986) Similar evidence occurs in the
Paris Basin (Bailloud 1979). The overall paucity of burials suggests
that some form of exposure may have been the main burial rite.

On the other hand, substantial 'camps' are known, often with interrupted
ditches and pallisades, and in upland or river spur locations
appropriate for defense. As well as domestic activities carried out at
these sites, there is some evidence of special activities in that the
high camps provide the main find-spots in the Paris Basin. for the
so-called vase-supports. These ceramic objects are of special interest
for a number of reasons. First, they were probably not used as
vase-supports since traces of burning indicate some function to do with
lamps or incense burners. Second, in Brittany they came largely from
funerary monuments or stone circles indicating a ritual use. Third, they
are heavily decorated in contrast to all other types of Paris Basin
Chassey-Michelsberg pottery. It is perhapsalso relevant that the few
stylized female figurines from this period in the Paris Basin are also

Whatever the full range of activities carried out at thast camps, they
appear also to have been foci of non-domestic specialized rituals.
Decoration has shifted from domestic pottery (in Danubian phases) to a
ceramic type used in specialized rituals within larger monuments. These
camps draw together larger groups, and emphasize exits and entrances to
those groups. As part of this new process, houses become slight and
there is little evidence of elaboration of the domestic context. 

As we have seen elsewhere in Europe, the camps themselves introduce
subtle changes to the domus. Not only does the role of domestic
symbolism decline, but also the emphasis on defense leads to a new
relationship with the non-domus 'other.' Prowess (in [italics]) the wild
as opposed to control (over[it.]) nature takes on a renewed
significance....Pollen evidence indicates massive forest clearance at
this time.'
(Hodder, The Domestication of Europe p. 224)

'"Today I am happy to give you excellent news from the cavern Tuc
dÁudobert. As you were first to visit this cavern, you will also be
first to learn that in an upper gallery, very difficult of access, at
the summit of a very narrow ascending passage, and after having been
obliged to break a number of stalactites which completely closed the
entrance, my son and myself have found two superb statuettes in clay,
about 60cm in length, absolutely unbroken, and representing bison.
Cartailhac and Breuil, who have come to see them, were filled with
enthusiasm. The ground of these chambers was covered with imprints of
the claws of the bear, skeletons of which were buried here and there.

The Magdalenians have passed through this ossuary and have drawn out all
the canine teeth, to make ornaments of these. Their steps left their
fine impression on the humid and soft clay, and we still see the
outlines of several bare human feet. They had also lost several flakes
of flint and the tooth of an ox pierced at the neck; we have collected
them, and it seems as if they had only been dropped yesterday; the
Magdalenians also left an incomplete model of a bison and some lumps of
kneaded clay which still carry the impression of their fingers. We
produce the proof that in this period, all branches of art were
(Osborn HF, Men of the Old Stone Age, Begouen Letter, 23 Oct 1912 ) 

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