[D-G] La Projétation en Architecture (Vitruve)-

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MU p. 217, Figure 10 Diagrammatic cycle of deterritorialization, shows
'substance' in between form and matter, with a dotted line as
semi-circle below it. Architects know that a city rots from the inside
towards its periphery.
'the loops of the "capture of form" (of formalization) tend to be
miniaturized and to indefinitely accelerate their cycle (Fig. 10)
Petli zakhvata formy (oformleniia) klonat' byt' miniaturnykh I
beskonechno u skorit' ikh tsikl. (Fig. 10)

....elementary quanta....assimilated to infinitesimal black holes,
substituted for ancient modes....'
Morphology of Forms
'The Japanese-Portuguese dictionary gives "womo = /womoo/ <----omo-[ku]
'being heavy', but Esopo (1593) has "womoquotomo" (413) = womo-ku to mo
'even being heavy'. For goto- 'like' the Portuguese attest only the
fossilized forms gotoqu [-ni] = goto-ku (ni) and gotoqi-no = goto-ki no.
The expected forms *gotoi <----goto-[k]i and *gotoo  (*goto")
<----goto-[k]u somehow never developed.*"goto").'
(Martin, The Japanese Language Through Time) 

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on page CS298 Guattari
after a catalogue of the three spaces which have been explored by
-euclidian space (apollinian)
- projective space (morphean)
- labyrinth space (dionysian)

Guattari does the "énonciation scripturale" of "la projétation

[from Vitruve to Corbu to Vinci, from the formal angle, to the organic
point of vue, to the fractal territorialisation, exploring
between the human body and the habitat]

which should promulgate new
- new universes of references,
to begin with the one riding the development of the ethico - aestetic
aspects in the building.

301p Guattari mentions to that effect, Sartre's "engagement" allowing
himself all licence in cartographical methodologies provided they relate
a "parachèvement existentiel"
and a "surabondance d'être" as sole criterium of truth in his

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