[D-G] La Projétation en Architecture (Vitruve)-

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 15:19:39 PST 2017

on page CS298 Guattari
after a catalogue of the three spaces which have been explored by Vittorio
-euclidian space (apollinian)
- projective space  (morphean)
- labyrinth space  (dionysian)

Guattari does the "énonciation scripturale" of "la projétation

[from Vitruve to Corbu to Vinci, from the formal angle, to the organic
point of vue, to the fractal territorialisation, exploring correspondances
between the human body and the habitat]

which should promulgate new
- new universes of references,
to begin with the one riding the development of the ethico - aestetic
aspects in the building.

301p Guattari mentions to that effect, Sartre's "engagement" allowing
himself all licence in cartographical methodologies provided they relate to
a "parachèvement existentiel"
and a "surabondance d'être" as sole criterium of truth in his development.


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