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Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 16:25:05 PST 2017

Hello .
I am unsure of how many people are still
subscribed to this server that used to be
posting mails which have been inscribed in the archives
which i have browsed thru like in a reverie & into which i spent the saturday night fever.
and really found some gems!,
actually followed thru by & from many different aliases and  various real actors.

now this one remains amongst one of the most problematic for my own understanding of whose mechanics into which
  in those times the list was being populated and curated,:

*From: "isa" <ketchup-AT-fish.co.jp <http://ketchup-AT-fish.co.jp>> Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 10:45:12 +0200 Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?B?pyA=?=fun *


Sometimes its hard not to cut the flow of messages prompting without another message. May be some are like me, and need a parallel Deleuze/Guattari list, where we could seize the possibility of a common graphic interface, on which, anonymously, each user could draw, not necessarly write. The list owner, or some of this server users interested by this proposition could build this web page. Or take inspiration from this: [snip: an url no longer updated was being here provided] site. I don't know anything in website construction, but would be happy to contribute with anyone willing to spare time to an alternative project, to the impossibility to write one can experience sometimes. Is it seductive?



it's also interesting if it happens we are ready to seek the meaning of how we could manage such a list on 2017's internet.

(i say "we" and i know well i cannot do it on my own or here bring this proposition with people working for me, and also
understand that the list owner shall not feel to reply
like anon to the meaning which this 'isa' ketchup at fish subscriber has
by a unique mail written into a cartesian mind, once i share this meaning with you here)

what can it tell us?

[let's set aside the derisive ending of the message]

let me explain what's the appeal of this proposal to me:
i am interested, because my job is 100% into the refurbishing of old walls,
with plastics and  all kinds of 3dprinted materials.
in order to do this print i am forced to use a 3d software.
i have to struggle so hard to find the right 3d software.
i thus go on forums on the internet, subscribe to the mailing lists,
and there ask for 3d freelancers and meet in skype with Ceos of a new start-ups experts in code (nodes and graphics)
  transfers: code treatment between (previously) non compatible 3d apps. that's why i meet the Ceos of tomorrow in skipe..
i am thus told how soon everything is going to be open and
so speed-up with the softwares, that even philosophers will have leisures such as
be able to draw and refurbish old walls. they will no longer feel like not having the
time to study softwares, they'll skip hurdles in mailing lists, and want to elicit the right
touch in a refurbisher software, and hire and curate their own software development & other construction workers in teams of 2x5x10x20, or more...
i go everyday as well explore the fields in the Architecture Industry, and contemplate the young architects
and the graphic designers, how are they getting acquainted with philosophy in university. (some are so very young i'd say, and they study physics
bio-engeneering, and meta-data from the start, as it is written by Ceos in the core of their programs).
And these are some trends of philosophy which precisely disclassify interdisciplinarity,
and priviledge research and experimental research, over inter-disciplinarity!!

Ask yourself: are you yourself (in order to start the conversation
in this place) a philosopher?
have you ever had such a leisure? say like Baruch Spinoza with glass polishing,
or Emmanuel Kant having dinner within a very strict schedule
repeated day after day , afternoon after afternoon, the same way,
people being entertained by your press readings during the afternoon tea
with an exquise cosmopolitan conversation?)

i think the meaning of 'isa''s post today,
what can happen with our thoughts
once we handle them in a computer could help us to
become slender like Kant, or become witty like Aristotle,
as with other peers handle their mediums from one computer
to the
next, be it owned by a single actor,
or by so limited number (on this server) adding themselves as various actors building a
common project in a common network,
bridged like other networks, to the 2017's internet. You have read well: it's a proposal.

In Close Expectation,
Best Regards -

Johnatan Petterson
Wall Refurbisher.

  at the times

(just setting aside the derisive ending of the given message)

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