[D-G] Thinking Inside TV : Building an Opinion, the Task of Non- and Yes- Media Era

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 15:36:20 PDT 2017

I have said 'backwards' in my last post,
but I want to study again, how to Build an Opinion,
Inside of what I called the global TV Box,
and which is blankly the social and public Media, contemporaneous to our


What do You who read and can react, 'say' 'write' 'post' when you think
How about the Likoud and Avigdor Liberman do secret demand to the Authority
in Palestine,
to control Al-Aqsa, instead than Jordania.

That would line up well with PA and claims of autonomy.

-Besides, it said that Trump (is it him?) has constructed a new Alliance
between Moderate Arab Nation like Ryad, Egypt, and I guess Jordan, against
Qatar, who is bashed.

This is an opinion. It is wrong, partly incomplete perhaps, but we can
re-direct it as we want.

In any case, it is said by Media, that PA has Joined with Hamas in Gaza, to
not line up with this Alliance, and that would be the cause of the
Conflict, which flames social TV at the moment once again, in a different
way( no repetition we guess it)

Young people boyz in Judea/Samaria aka West Bank, call it many ways you
want it, say
"we defend Al-Aqsa with our souls; our lives "
I think it is nice, and I respect this cry, religion, in the metaphysicall
sense, of the call.

Can we say that the religion does not belong to Mahmoud Abbas, to King
Jordan, and that Al-Aqsa belongs to this call??

I would try to build a movement of shoulder at the moment, the perception
that Avigdor Libermann and Mahmoud Abbas have to agree to let go. Out of
the TV of reactive opinion,  them Abbas and Libermann! Al-Aqsa belongs to
who defends them, even if they be Abbas, Avigdor, or the Jordan Kings. Yes?
or No?

What do you think, is this an opinion building, the way that you like
politics? Or Blanchot et Mallarmé do best, actively against Media and Media
crisis, the way Deleuze told Tony Negri as Preface to Anomaly Sauvage?


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