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one more palabra, about the study of cyberology:
the teachers of the new science of cyberology,
seem, rightly or wrongly (?) to ignore dg,
and be more in tune with the (us - cfr negri) constitution,
legal stuffs, etc, and this, at least first hand seems contrasting with dg
in what is philosophy? saying 'bill of rights' will bring none to the
(not to be televisual as the saying goes)- but insist on 'becomings' :
''les droits de l'homme ne nous feront pas bénir le capitalism' '
[130p] when one knows how for dg 'capitalism' is that which
'pushes forwards its limits', that so it seems (if i conclude with logic,)
capitalism is, either= part of a becoming, either = a becoming given with
an essence of its own (!)
i would opt for the first of the two 'either', which can be interesting
artistry wize, like in the poetries/music
of pj harvey : "the hollow of the hand" PJ Harvey & Seamus Murphy
(bloomsbury circus, 2015) with the Hope Six
Demolition Project of 2016.
anyway, if we know capitalism is part of a becoming (like Gaya's, for
instance, to pick one handy, perhaps inadequate though..)
the phrase "the human rights won't force us bless capitalism", once
inscribed in the agenda of the first group
of dg readers i talked about yesterday, the universitaries, freezes
cyberology into stone, like a perseus without mirror.
so the issue to this, as dg wanted and expected from their wrytings, would
come from the nomads, the outside of the
Gaya. those who, independent wills on Gaya, become able to "contact'" the
neighborhood of the nomads,
and undo TV Capture. the cyberologists tasks, and products can come handy
at this moment, when they fill the
space freed from TV.
as a mental note from yesterday night, i thought it was interesting to how
Georg Didi Hubermann, in "Survivance des Lucioles"
geered on Pasolini's last years, how desperate he became, after some trip
to Ethyopia, where he experienced so many "lucioles", and came back to
in the Limelights (theme of Didid's book), to shoot "Salo". speaking about
TV it is full of ressources, to explore various thinkers relation, varying
each, with TV-Light.
Pasolini was more of a rebel with some core of TV (hence his Padouan
Poetries), Fellini, a bit like a poet of the TV, and Godard, a bit
like when you are in an aluminium tube at 30 000 feet above the New Mexico,
to Texas Desert, an accelerator of some core elements in the TV, apt to
new insights, perhaps NOT on the Gaya Becoming etc, but on the core /
university group / which is (outside of Godard cinema) in inertia in the
Gaya stuff.
When Godard chats with Nuit Debout activists last may 2016, he talks about
Micchelangelo at the Sixtine. He strives for content, exploitation
of TV expressions by activists in relation with cyberologists. The content,
is his base, his platform of thoughts from which to launch new expressions.
But, say, why couldn't we say that Scarlett Johanson in Ghost in the Shell
(La Alma en la Machina), by giving a future to cyborghood, looking back on
her past life, before being
ghost/alma in a cyborg, strives for content outside of TV? And
seed-artistically, it could be wizer than Godard, who is still working in
an accelerating TV.

reverant Petterson./

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it's because the sittings, and the manifestations of independent will,
are in close connection with the world which stands reported by the medias
(social & tv)
that's the sense, if i got it right, of guattari's call for a post-media
era: in such an era, the politicians
would become (gradually) conceptually creative, and that connects well for
deleuze pause as admiratorr of blanchot/mallarmé,
(blanchot was freaked out by 'politics', and got his aphasia from the ww2.
) instead of getting 'captured' by the tv box,
the mind of the organizers of sittings and autonomies, would become able to
let go, and not react to the tv cube. the scope
of attitude(s), gestures, activations, of the minds, would melt,
molecularize in a more subtler ways than those offered in time to the
of the moment of deleuze & guattari, like gramsci or negri,  who came to
age of 'intellectualize'. that's perhaps your hope, to find in 'books' some
in that becoming. i think you should not separate the stuffs into one part
books, one part cyber. there are loads of tv presentators who fill
the libraries of shelves of at first glance 'depressive' developments,
potentially rich in consequences, which can be re-directed with enthusiasm
in the media sphere, and a zone of neighborhood, in the loads of
underground tacticians of cybertech, who code better than they write, and
got exploited for the skills of content and not expression.
imagine what would it be, if such one a coder, who could become the subject
of a tv reportage by of say bernard henry levy? what an interesting book to
write about such an immaculate  event, both for the content and for the
expression?! i think the future of tech cyberology lies into that kind of
experimentation! let's not give up hope, or future! let them write this
book this 2017, it's the ripe moment, blanchot would say yeah.

2017-07-12 16:14 GMT+02:00 Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com>:

> There is a desperation for other horizons as books are now disappearing
> from library shelves to be replaced in cyberspace, though at a cost to
> subscribe. We do not think that there are any places to go such as was
> the spoons list say, in 1994 or so. Very little practical hands-on d&g
> that would prompt boycotts, temporary autonomous zones, etc.
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> >
> >i think it's so exciting to be able to write, to inscribe,
> >into the archives of spoon list.
> >
> >yet i would not demise some interactivity aswell,
> >and so ask if one of the people subscribed to this current spoon,
> >could point me to ways to become registered user/followers of other
> >groups/blogs/who,nameit,
> >about the ATP writers?
> >
> >it seems from hover over facebook, groups (but have them seen them
> all?)-
> >that users are either: 1)at university, in philosophy studies, and come
> >into contact with dg in the course of their acadamic dense careering.
> >2)artists with a silicon-grass root left wing or anarchist left wing
> >leaning, and care for dg detailed concepts to document their
> theoryzation
> >of social and political movements.
> >
> >the second group is more heterogenous. but the rhizome tend to implode
> >rather than grow, i'd say.
> >
> >do you have access to other Horizons?
> >
> >grazzié
> >Johnattan.
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