[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Tue Feb 14 14:09:40 PST 2017

Aligning the Chrons

Sharia 'path to water.'
Shariat' 'put k vode.'

In Godfather of the Kremlin, Paul Klebnikov mentions in the passage 'the
Dublin Connection,' a proxy company called Grangeland, which was
operating from an Irish post-office box.

5 Nov 2013 Nadya Tolokonnikova transferred to prison IK-50.

11 Oct 2014 Dublin Water Protest

5 Nov 2014 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty first mentions Rojava: 'Meet
the Wisconsin Army Vet Who's Fighting with the Kurds Against IS.'

31 Aug 2016 Dublin Protest to Defend Rojava

4 Sept 2016 Brain Rossell suicide, which links sharia to PTSD, recalling
Klebnikov's Conversations with a Barbarian and the phrase used there as

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