[D-G] a trial of Pierre Félix Guattari.

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 11:29:40 PDT 2017

> (extract of Preface to "A Love of UIQ" a script by Félix Guattari,
> transl.Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson)-

the translation is a bit brits tabloid, like DailyMail, very normoid,
the characters are empty, bits of puzzles in a basic, rudimentary plot.
this gives a feeling
of a wrong godard, without play with vocabulary, strange where guattari
exceelled in polyphonic
textures de palabras multypharous.
the plot is about a drab remotely Lovecraftic invader
(UIQ-UniverseInfraQuarcks)which the author variagates, but he is certainly
not made to be belived to be a phantasma of self, of deleuze,or somebody
UIQ relation with Janice are like a meditation on the unconstancy of women.
the ideas (the few ideas, like the incarnation of Bruno, or the dane schizo
washing machine, come from his encounters of
'strange', probably 'funny' for Guattari, encounters in LaBorde. there is
an old Jennifer  woman, whose sole purpose is to help her say: <<UIQ might
be connected with Hindus kundalini>>, and an "afro-american" (steve) ironic
answer, "oh yeah, you talking about the nectar of the gods" . . .
there is fred, who might well be the possible buyer of the script
axel: whose function is to tinker with hypnotic scientific jargon and
"snaking wire threads and tools" so that UIQ gets built. robert, the
homosexual with a good heart (jean genet? lol) earthy guy who don't mind to
go "underwater".
he defends the squattars, who alternatively represent "the communists of
italia" or the "lost subjectivities of the winter years" but everybody gets
lost in a very unfleshy "becoming creatures" (scales and gills instead of
lungs and skin grow and Jennifer screams, looking in the mirror)
everything so superficial, like a wrong graphic novel, the efforts to
portray LaBorde Guattari  "experiences of weird patients" with fidelity
converge to an Oedipian remash of a realist french comic strip.

i wonder thus if i have not been mystified by the posts in the spoon
archives, over the role of Guattari, which we were like forced to admit to
his high degree of distinction, and closeness to the autonomist movement.

i understand that guattari, in regard to the poor quality of his writing
skills , instead than destroy the script, told himself that he was "like an
anarchist Spinoza" set to destroy cinema.

may-be he got so encouraged to think this way, by the deleuze books on
Cinema I & II. (1985?)
[ UIQ script dates 1987. ] i think Deleuze was a thinker, in Cinema he
tried to mix certain historic-philosophic-physic ideas of his, in the
context of cinema since its beginning with Melies and Grifitth.

i thought the idea of an alien UIQ destroying the Media Era, could be a
good reason for me to read that, also getting to know Guattari thinking,
which he tryed to hide behind screens of complex words. hes very simple
intellectual, reading LOS and DR he invented the coining "becomings" as in
Kafka's "american becomings" of the characters. all this is so empty, so
interesting, as he knew, in Deleuze point of view, on the becoming of his
Idea. may-be he was a sad person, with some read. and open-minded, which is
why he was so read.

i am sorry if this shatters your dream of an intellectual hype dude , in
phase with super modernity and Japan,
we are his heir.


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