[D-G] Concepts seen as functions (malgosia askanas)

Chris Meade meadecm at umich.edu
Sun May 1 09:37:40 PDT 2011

Dear RV, malgosia and everyone,

I'm very fascinated by this thread and especially all of the models being
referred to which lie outside my knowledge almost entirely and I'm excited
to read more posts on this subject.

I wonder if we are not taking D&G's distinction between philosophy and
science further than necessary. Especially in light of a sentence that I
feel I've read many times in D&G as a disclaimer, 'of course, all we ever
find are mixtures' (I've read this in reference to the smooth and the
striated, the times of chronos and aion, the body without organs and the
organism, and I'm sure it applies to many other concepts in their
philosophy), I think we might do better not to think science and philosophy
as excluding one another practically.

Which is only to say that I think, RV, that the conceptual modeling of
coastal behaviour can be variously oriented to producing knowledge and to
producing thinking when employed variously. And it is this difference of use
that seems to be the deciding factor between arresting the infinite in an
image or tracing the infinite speed of movement. I don't think D&G proposed
to define science in the manner of fields of employment ( "science as a
whole") which are after all molar structures so much as in molecular

have fun,

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