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Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Wed Jun 29 07:18:28 PDT 2011

Dear Tancredo,dear Group,

In Deleuze's Cimena books Peirce is widely used.

Here the quote for Peirce's pragmatism, you asked for:
The quote for his antropomorhism,
especially in the questional natural philosophy,
is the 1903 lecture: "Lectures on  pragmatism".
(Collected Papers, 5.47)

Peirce is a Hegel-like objective idealist.

Signs  are more explicite  "mind like" than the usual "entropie" used in natural science,
elaborated to an information geometry too.

The breaking down of the "units" of sense, I,
life, etc, are found in many sciences.

Peirce has incorporated objectve probability too
into his philosophy (tachyism),
but this is very controversial.

He used scholastics and Aristotle very much,
and his antropmorphism is very
near to the nowadays very
often discussd "strong antroprocentric principle"
of Hawking, Tipler and and Barrow.
The latter wrote a 700 pages book about it:
"The cosmic antroprocentric prínciple",
with a foreword by Wheeler.

My "wisdom" is from a german
introduction to  Peirce's natural philosophical wirtings
by Pape.

Pape's Peirces emphasizes selfreflection, thirdenss of Peirces signs,
as a an almsot monoplolistic property of mankind.

He quotes Leroi-Gourhan a lot, who is
used by Deleuze and Gauittari a lot too.

Here I beleived to have lerned,
the Leroi-Gourhans
"Hand and Word"
is still valid in his essential

posed by the UIQ Guattari
seems to be of greater importance here.

Dr. rer. Nat Harald Wenk

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