[D-G] "Film" UIQ by Guattari

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Wed Jun 29 07:17:28 PDT 2011

Dear group,

Of course, as semiology plays a role in "Chaosmsis" by Guattri,
the abbraviation UIQ
mybe recombined to
"Ultra Intelligence Quotient".

This technique is also used in Sufism, but very elaborated there, with
an intervening computing, translational  process

(Here the "Ultarfilter and the differntial quoitient of Calculus may
associate further to the very mathematical way of
treating "ultra quarks" in the real world
by particel colliders.

Even a famous differential geometer liked  to be named "Auslander",
which is a german translation of "outlandish", which is
charachterizational property of "Chaosmosis" by the organizers.

Differential geometry is the "expert jargon"
in which the high accelerated sign particels (Mille Plateaus) are written as signs.

Very "impressing", such a "jargon" from a "totally   crazy (frenzy?) science" (in Rhizome), isn't it?

To have the last word as a mathamtician, still alive, is this case:
He has to take it anyway...

Even Lacan rescued himself in supposing "mathemes"
like "phonems" - his way of incorporating Spinoza -
to defend himself against "ontological" based critizism -- like
that from Guattari (see ""inconscience machinique"),
based on the same Spinoza.

Greetings Harald Wenk

PS: Maybe we mathematicians search for other ways than becoming real fluids, as described by Lovecraft...

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