[D-G] Concepts seen as functions (malgosia askanas)

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sat Jul 30 06:52:11 PDT 2011

Dear ruth,

As far as i remember,
Guttari takes up the becoming
of notions out of the early
hunting of the "wilds",
organizing their cooperation.
The haeccestatas on the plane,
intensitiy charts, in the brain,
dominated by the grasping of images
are building regimes of
signs and then with
a great mixing centralisations
as langauges,
 of course
simultaneously too.

The philosophical notion
of a notion as by Hegel and Spinoza indeed
presupposes language,
as the very image bound thinking of the"old"
has to overcome with abstraction.

The backbodange to the struggle of life
or the ability to held an overview
(reflection in some traditional "notions"),
is also very important,
but not deciscife.

The "effects" of a notiona much more important,
a already pointed as percepts
and as functions,
Also as guiding line for creating notions.

The enlarging of the immanence
is aslo only possible with "good notions".

I think, this is Deleuze version of the old universals,
the "common notions" of Spinoza.



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