[D-G] Concepts seen as functions (malgosia askanas)

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There are vast -- perhaps most -- animal cum human behavior 
and communication that does not rely upon verbal language, 
instead upon basic survival instinct, movement, muscular, 
visual, tactile, aural and non-verbal oral capabilities.

Associated with these are non-linguistic pre-conceptual insights,
analyses and comprehensions held in the body as organ of
survival. Some manifestations deliberately avoid the linguistic 
due to its deceptive danger-misrepresentation limitations and, 
not least, conceits of its supremacy, aka poetry against the dark.

Try as a critic might to verbalize these it is doomed to failure
to do more than merely howl at the lurkers and howl at the darkening 
moon to charm the small crowd willfully, deliriously, ignorant of 
what is sniffing their scent.

Kill the queen for injustice you bellow and daringly post demand
for freedom upon the palace wall.

Verbalizing yourself out of the hangman's noose with brave
last words is an infamous emblem always thrilling to the
lit wit devouring a book away from imaginary risk.

Preceding armoring concepts is imagination, emotion, danger, 
a body, or bodies, as a singular organ attuned to escape from,
to collectively battle, threats of being eaten. Being imprisoned
a charming salvation of scribblers and thinkers.

Residually from this basic terror of being eaten there are 
genetic inherited glimpses, and real scenes seen, of last 
moments expressed by screams of denial, linguistically
paraphrased as "shit, that really does hurt, stop it, stop," 
then are heard seen, felt, the struggles, gurgles and 
grunts and gasps of your gang's meal winning over

A nature film director yells, "cut."

At 05:04 PM 7/29/2011 -0700, you wrote:
>hello, as i undersyand it language is not prior to the concept of the
concept, language is merely the topslice of the unconcious and the non
symbolizable is simultaneous with this in wip dg talk about concepts as
laying out a plane over the nonconceptual in thinking in a way whic passes
through its own components. i struggled with this for a long time until i
was able to think of it a bit like swimming or treading water in so far as
the actualisation is about movements which sustain a space of thought that
suspends the thought of drowning (temporarily)

>hope that makes sense
>nb maybe the letter a is better thought of as (a) indefinite article?
>Sloughing one's skin.-The snake that cannot slough its skin perishes.
Likewise spirits which are prevented from changing their opinions; they
cease to be spirits (Nietzsche: Daybreak:V:573)   
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>Depending on how one defines "virtual," one could say it is a question of
whether language is prior to Deleuze and Deleuze and Guattari's concept of
the concept. A concept, as I understand it, is expressed in language that
has already been thought, but this would still leave a whole virtual field
of as-yet unthought concepts in as-yet unthought language. Think, for
example, of the notion of linguistic competence. Clearly language is prior
to understanding in some sense. Could unthought language be said to be part
of any concept whatever?
>Kindest Regards,
>Jeff Cain
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>But Rutger, if the virtual form of the letter A is, as you are
>proposing, its encoding as a series of 0s and 1s, and its
>actualization is its specific appearance on the computer screen, this
>does not happen without: (1) a standard of digital encoding of the
>Latin alphabet having been proposed, discussed, adopted and anounced;
>(2) somebody writing and compiling the particular program running in
>your computer; (3) electricity being supplied to your computer; (4)
>your computer executing code; (5) your screen holding together as a
>material object; etc., etc., etc. - all of which are energetic
>processes!   No?
>At 1:40 AM +0200 5/3/11, Rutger H. Cornets de Groot wrote:
>>Hi, Malgosia,
>>It's been a long time!
>>I cannot possibly answer these questions but I have some thoughts on
>>your first example of the virtual and actual. My idea is that there
>>is no need for energy functions or for a creative effort in order to
>>go from one to the other. The way I like to think about the virtual
>>and actual is that they are two states of one and the same. The

>>example that comes to mind is words, or even letters. We all know an
>>A when we see one, but when we do, it is always actual, which means
>>that it is attached to a medium. This may be a piece of paper, a
>>stone tablet, the bark of a tree or sand on the beach but it's
>>always material. The closest we get to its virtual form is when it
>>appears on a computer screen (or phone display, etc). We see it
>>compiled from digital code (one's and zero's), and its appearance
>>will depend on certain settings. Whichever way you look at it,
>>however, I don't think there is energy or creative effort involved
>>in these appearances or actualizations. I would simply say that the
>>virtual state of the letter A is indeed a concept, and not a
>>What do you think?
>>Rutger H. Cornets de Groot
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