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Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Wed Jul 13 12:20:46 PDT 2011

Dear group,

There are some misprints in tha ßt Email.

They are to significarin in the linguistic sense
to be only "by chance" of technical

This group seems to be object
of some attacs and manouvers
of deafunctionoing it.

As Deleuze & Guattaris philosophy
is the only or at least most prominent,
academic well established,
theory strong related
to theradical left in general
and especially tor the
psychiatric critical movement
This would b not very surprising.

What are the
experierences, theories and opinons about it in the group here?

greetings Harald Wenk

Ps. Her in germana a special
2surplis on code2 regading teh ecolcicalö movement
and the green party
is vey important.

The theoretical (re)backing
of mulitculturalism to marxaian economy too.

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>Dear group,
>here a quote from the
>"UIQ imagines a hyper intelligent infra-cellular life substance as capable of transmitting its nascent will through global communications networks as of plugging into the precarious 'desiring machines' of a community of social and psychological outsiders. The film could considered a 'molecular' interbrane response to an imaginary and ideological closure that began to take hold during the1980s, mediated through the aesthetics of postmodern nostalgia. Guattari's unrealised film has interesting implications both for cinema and collective practices in terms of how it promises to rewire dominant modes of spectatorship and subjectivation."
>So I have been right with my Ultra Intelligence Quotient Association.
>I lie to inform you,
>that indeed there is current
>resereach on the line of
>quantum computers,
>subatomar, for the functioning of the memory
>or the real neural networks.
>It is only one of several lines of research,
>It is aided by a project of th DFG,
>a german research fund comapny from the state.
>It is a project in mathematics, at the
>MPI MIS, and others.
>I lie emaphzize that under the
>of a great lack of real knowledge
>of the phyisico/cehnical molecular subatomar
>functioning of the brain,
>chemical inteventions like
>are pure BARBARISM.
>Deleuze describes soemwhere cimena like the barin of the mankind.
>The direct effects of the photchemical effects
>and the neurochemistry of the brain
>in the spectators are
>the natural science part of it.
>Dr. rer. Nat. Harald Wenk

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