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The medical hysteria portion of schizophrenia mentioned, compares with 
elongation factor I, a protein supposedly involved in diagnosis of 
schizophrenia. These elongation factors involve also viruses, and viruses don't 
care what a missionary or gunman is thinking: Yahoo News: Missionary Shot in 
Mexico. (Suggested listening: Eurhythmics, 'Missionary Man.') 
Mechanospherically, they don't care who is travelling in a northward or 
southward direction: Chikungunya virus re-emergence on Reunion is close enough 
to France and its philosophies for a comparison. Because there is no vaccine for 
French people nor anyone else, we mention that currently, the CDC is publishing 
its page on Chikungunya. It states that originally the virus was discovered in 
Tanganyika in 1953.. Chikungunya is a virus that occurs along with Yellow Fever 
and Dengue, both the latter being a hot item on epidemiological agendas these 
days. In the summer, yellow fever moved as far north as New York in previous 

Yet the CDC report is misleading, for indeed, most everyone else has missed 
another outbreak in the Bandgladesh region in 1953, and it is to this case that 
we will (elsewhere) be referring, along with a case of a 9-year-old Hispanic boy 
which will lead us back to Africa and the origins of HIV-2, apparently an older 
virus than HIV-1. It should be mentioned that along with the schiz-flux of 
travel, there is the fact that Haitians are not susceptible to dengue, and that, 
indeed, HIV-1 was likely transmitted to the U.S. from that country, although 
Hatians may disagree.

Australia would be an excellent place to monitor Chikungunya, for it is a virus 
susceptible to the effects of the Southern Oscillation, less so, perhaps, when 
it gets over to West Africa. The American Southwest is a very timely area for 
climate-change studies, and we note that the Meningitis Belt of Africa, on the 
east-west axis, is precisely sub-Saharan. See D&G's passages on the 'east-west 

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V. Interesting topics though have not yet read to the fin. 
Just wanted to suggest perhaps a definition which might rest against contempory 
wester superstition; a definition between that which is actually relatively bad 
for a person and there for could be diagnosed as schizophrenic and those 
symptoms which may otherwise be judged hastily though can happily be known as 
schizoid. It is complete rout noun (? Excuse my grammar perhaps) and does offer 
some different modes of application. We tend to over look this in the wake of 
medical / religious histeria... Possession / discovery. I believe it is a 
relative condition. 


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> :) I know you never said it was easy...The way I see it is that to live in
> society as a 'functioning' member takes a certain degree of irrationality,
> at least in Western society.  I am well aware of the connections between
> 'symptoms' of schizophrenia and shamanism, Hindu mysticism, etc.  and even
> being able to channel persectory affects in a particular manner, but to be
> able to do this one must have a certain degree of faith in the social
> network that 'decides' that the avenue that you are taking or the symptoms
> that you are exhibiting *belong *to that network - are valuable for that
> network and valuable only for that particular part of that network. In my
> particular experience (and maybe my experience was extreme) that level of
> irrational control did not exhibit itself.  I could not argue with logic
> because she could always come up with a better argument to justify her
> system.  When using irrational beliefs like love and adding assumed
> information like, 'I was at school, I left for school therefore I've must
> have been there all day' didn't work.  Logically there are so many problems
> with that statement and she saw them all.  Anyways I'm rambling...obviously
> my experience is different than yours and I will repeat there are many
> schizophrenics who do manage to work within the social system and you're
> right that isn't portrayed enough.  Although at the same time I definitely
> don't think that the schizophrenics that manage to adapt to their society is
> what Deleuze is getting at by using that imagery, but I of course could be
> wrong and I see the Eternal Return as extremely rational.  Anyways, probably
> just a difference of perspective.  Take care.
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