[D-G] Holbrooke / Glastonbury Thorn

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Fri Jan 28 08:03:09 PST 2011

The Glastonbury Thorn was vandalized about the time Holbrooke died from aortic 
rupture. Since we have already pointed to Glastonbury Thorn (Crataegus 
oxycantha) as being one of the world's premier heart-maintenance medicines, we 
will be mentioning a special address in Paris (from 1903) and those interested 
in Deleuze's passage in D&R about god dancing on a volcano, may wish to visit 
that address, just for the hell of it. Further contemplating how a 9-year-old 
Hispanic boy will assist us to elucidate more on the origins of immunodeficiency 
viruses, there is Alzheimer's ApoE4 (ApoEpsilon 4) presenilin protein mutation, 
alanine ----> valine. Here we note the volcano connection:

Chaitin Volcano

In Miller's 1953 experiment that reproduces what Gutierrez captures on film, 
glycine and alanine are out front of the other amino acids (with valine in much 
lesser amounts) produced in that experiment.

The mutation connection for when god 'started' on the earth is found in the 
Holt-Oram Syndrome:

Pubmed keyword search: type in abstract number:

20858598 and 21070912


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