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It would be patently absurd to suggest that a West African monkey 
never ingested a louse or tick, which puts both immediately in the 
polio zone. On the Deleuzo-Guattarian north-south axis, temperature 
correlates to the geographical rise of Chikungunya virus in Italy. In 
Senegal, Chikungunya-harboring Ornithodorus ticks present a unique 
situation, apparently overlooked by researchers: soft ticks such as 
Ornithodorus have coxal glands, the equivalent of salivary glands in 
other ticks. These glands (separate[italics]) viscosities, and 
secrete pure guanine crystals. Since guanine couples to cytosine, the 
question arises as to just what is accomplished by this kidney-like 
apparatus in Ornithodorus, that not only manipulates viscosity, 
but would most certainly affect the mutation capabilities of a 
changed environment from say, the midgut of mosquitoes.

'This condition grounds prediction itself (it has often been noticed 
that if initially indistinguishable temperatures are allowed to 
differentiate, it cannot be predicted which will increase or 
decrease, and if viscosity is accelerated, it will tear moving bodies 
from their state of rest, but in an unpredictable direction).
Cette condition fonde la prevision elle-meme (ona souvent remarque 
que, si des temperatures d'abord indiscernables allaient en se 
differenciant, on ne saurait prevoir laquelle va augmenter ou 
dimineur; et si la viscosite se fasait accelerante, elle arracherait 
les mobiles au repos, mais dans un sens imprevisible).
(Deleuze G, Difference and Repetition)

A 9-year-old Hispanic boy's symptom, coxa valga, compares with other 
factors in his case of Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, such as deficiency 
of IgA and recurrent pneumonia. The beautiful face of a Mexican girl 
3 years old changes over the course of a decade to the mask-like 
features well known to this syndrome. Thus, incubation of HIV-1 at 
about one decade, and HIV-2 incubation at about two decades, are 
comparable. With ferret thyroid hormone pulse ratios (6-8Hz), the 
thyroid being the sexual gland par excellence, ECG waves of human 
heart patients, have the window 300-400 milliseconds. In 
Schwartz-Jampel, there is also a 300 millisecond phenomenon.

The IgA profiles in New Guinea compare with the Schwartz-Jampel 
syndrome, as well as the kuru and the amounts of glycine in hamster 
scrapie. A report from Cairo:

Schwartz-Jampel / Egypt


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