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There is an importance of heart pigments with Crataegus pigments, although for 
the most part, we will be excluding the hematological aspect in our 
investigations of origins of immunodeficiency viruses.

Somewhere in their works, Deleuze and Guattari mention van Gulik. The book that 
mentions Assam is van Gulik's Sexual Life in Ancient China.

Investigation of the origins of immunodeficiency viruses must include both host 
and pathogen genomes. We place the Musa (banana) genome as pivotal, especially 
banana streak virus in both India and New Guinea (sugar-accumulating strains of 
Musa in the latter). When considering CHIKV in Ornithodoros ticks in Senegal, 
thus CHIKV in Italy, we may consider both the east-west and north-south axes:

'The available evidence suggests that in the northeast quadrant of the 
Mediterranean littoral, there is a gradient or cline in the frequency of 
individuals heterozygous for the thalassemia gene, the frequency ranging from 4% 
in Sicily and Southern Italy to 20% in individuals of Turkish extraction of 
Cyprus, and presumably in Turkey itself. The fragmentary nature of our knowledge 
is obvious.....The description of three cases of sickle-cell anemia among 
children of laborers in the Upper Assam tea plantations raises the possibility 
of multiple foci of the sickling phenomenon in India.'
(Neel JV, Implications of Some Recent Developments in Hematological and 
Serological Genetics, Am. J. Hum. Genet. (1954):208-223)

'In conclusion, we have shown that most alpha-thalassemia in Island Melanesia 
and Polynesia is due to an alpha-globin mutation unique to this region....and 
supports a migration route through Melanesia for the colonizers of Polynesia.'
(Hill AVS, et al, Melanesians ans Polynesians Share a Unique Alpha-Thalassemia 
Mutation, Am. J. Hum. Genet. (1985) 37:571-580)

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