[D-G] Deleuze-Guattari Digest, Vol 74, Issue 5

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sat Apr 30 06:36:55 PDT 2011

Dear group,

The thing is, that "everything has its meassure" (D&G)
or the question of quantity is important.

This is only to achieve with mathematics
where "notions" like
Limit or abcisse or coordiantes get a very
precise, opereational and computable "sense".

So, with these notions and the Functives, amenable to "functions",
a mathematization of any science  is possible.

Guattari wants to overcome psychaotzty, psychology and
social-psycholgy, thereby USING  neurolgy, but not REDUCE  anyrthing to it.

The neurlogy of charts is hard neurlogical science.
So "cartogarphy" takes this konowledge from neurology to
the improvements of the psychological psychiatric "science"

greetings  harald

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