[D-G] unmoderated discussion list

John Young cryptome at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 6 08:36:21 PDT 2010

The Spoons moderation mash-up was indeed disturbing, not least to the
control freaks who insisted on decorum, proper grammar and syntax,
prim logic and rationality, but most of all the salutory reign of those
best qualified to reign, tautologically.

The Spoons Collective, heed the last term, resisted the imposition
of Single Person Authoritatives institutionalization of magisterial cruelty
to underlings practices drug in from offline beastiaries ruled by psychopaths
learned in medevial horrors of sexual abuse in the name of highest of
educations. Call them PhD panel sadists.

Instead, by the grace of Bin Laden aiding the Collective, the authoritatives
withdrew to set up their own cyber PhD beastiaries where they still gargoyle
over a few aspiring acolytes long-awaiting recommendations to get one of
the few Phadistic spots where beasts gnaw the innards of debt-imprisoned

Moderation is a diabolical cleansing operation offering hope for those
aching for escape from responsibility. Even the tiniest sliver of it will
grow into a monstrous ideology by repeatedly raising the need for it
to ward off enemies alurk. Kill it mercilessly. Kill its carriers. Kill its
apologists. Kill its call for reason and sanity. Beware by god of its
salving unguentines.

The Internet is not a calibrated learning machine insatiable for
prey, instead an alternative for raising hell with that.

Whew. Been waiting for a gargoyle-in-training to raise its head.

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