[D-G] Deleuze-Guattari Digest, Vol 63, Issue 8

Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sat May 22 14:45:49 PDT 2010

Dear Chris,

Your biographical sketch is very impressing,
and of course makes you an "object"
of affects of support.

I am myself a learned electrician and for a short time I worked at the
steelworkers too - then the factory closed, one of the first of a 
couple of them
her in germany, in 1975.
It is not the only ressemblence to your  "vita", but I am not so 
prominent in working relations
with prominent "fighters" and "artists" as you. But, I leave it here. 
Strange enough,
my "fights" on personal issues were very "private", in spite i did a 
lot of politics.
I experienced the very strange double perspective of students or 
professionals, as you descibeed in media, tejhemselves, which take 
oart in the fights without being themselves "victims" in the first 
line, and fights on exsitential interest as a "victim".
I must say, a "skilled" victim is in my eyes much more effective, 
which is at once countered by the defenders of the "satus quo"  to 
keep them afar from real power as possible.

As Deleuze wrote in regard of police, amenable to generalization,
the social system is often almost "provocing" open brutal.

I am aquainted with an australien mathematician and some people,
who spent several years there.

I have already heard, from my mentioned mathematical collegue, that the social
system, the "official", financial and the informal,  is much harder 
and more brutal than ours, which is in no way "soft" or "human"
in any emphatic sense.

As chance plays, I just read Deleuze few pages essay on "two question 
on drugs".
The professional system here around drug misuse and AIDS is considerable.
Of course, I have no personal "drug" experience worth while mentioning.

Do you want to do something with Deleuze/Guatttari for your Ph.D.
Im mean, there is a wide field  open.

I wish you good luck for your fight to come into the program.

Did you already tried yoga as a help for cfs?

greetings Dr. rer. Nat. Harald Wenk

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