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Hi Chris, my remarks were perhaps unduly harsh. One of the things I admire about Nietzsche is the transfiguration of a very less than ideal body into a truly glorious body of writing. Deleuze's health was also fragile yet his style is beautiful. Your phenomenological commitment to your art is down to you. Nevertheless, I found your comparison trite in that respect .

While all medical discourse requires unpicking, I would prefer to argue that the emergence of Aspergers onto the diagnostic scene remarks a momentous event in the history of state philosophy. That is, the inability of state philosophy to deal with variation has finally pathologized itself! As a peculiar family romance, I doubt very much that my commitment to philosophies of difference would be so strong if my father brother and son were not all on the autistic spectrum at varying degrees of insistence that things should remain the same!

All this begs the question of what can Aspergers do? As I stated, never play my boy at chess (unless you want to lose) but I wouldn't attempt to teach him to play go...

In other words, one could argue that Asperger's syndrome is the epitome of molarity. However. I don't see that as bad thing in itself-rather the molar and the molecular are a spectrum of potentials?

Cheers Ruth  

Sloughing one's skin.-The snake that cannot slough its skin perishes. Likewise spirits which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be spirits (Nietzsche: Daybreak:V:573)   

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> Long lesson Chris-cut the victomology-it isn't appealing

Ruth, thanks for the comments which are repeating my comments.
Attempting a quick summary, here, so hope it makes sense. First, the
1996 invention Aspergers needs some Foucault like discourse analysis, of
the critical kind. Secondly, the lessons of the educators themselves
play out a depressive script (using Silvin Tomkins affect and script
theory here; sorry can't give reference.) 

But more so, we end up back with Kant's aesthetic moral judgement.
Anyways, just a few comments by way of thanks for the added perspective,
best wishes cj

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just to let you know that's all, Chris Jones.

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