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Dear Xavier,

I think the new perspective of an empire is that it is
of a much higher quality of power and
connections than the "normal" analysis of a global market,
which, in a way, is relative week  compared to an empire
modeled according the ones  scince Alexander the great, then the roman one 
the still  real actual, the british empire.

I tried to trace that back to a real divison of work of
a world production, where computers play a crucial role.
They play a crucial role too  for a state like globalization for an
empire like government, as the facility of governing
by the vast amounts of informations
let some sort of world wide "control society"
for this empire become real opportunity.

The computer could play a crucial role for a ecolgical government too.
You know, that climate models for example,
 are only possible with great computer efforts.
But, as the fight against terrorism,
the danger of a sort of alibi to
install an empire for  "ecolgical" needs
is very great.

I think, this was the reason for the protest of Mrs. Klein
in Kopenhagen ( I am a german) against
the climate meeting there.

To speak Marxian, the difference of the powers of productivity
and the art of government and
the modes of production,
especially the distribution of
ressources, power and momey is greater than ever.

There are many "monster centers" of global power
and I do not see much change in that.

The  turn to conservative governements in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and 
makes the "democratic" government of Obama very difficult.
This government is of course far away of any real emphatic left policy.

So, I think we are in the same line of thinking.

greetings Harald Wenk
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>   1. Re:  antonio negri (Mas Que Palabras)
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>      succcess for your figth in Middlesex (Jon Clay)
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> Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 02:14:21 +0200
> From: Mas Que Palabras <xavier.buades at gmail.com>
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> hi
> i am not sure its the right place to ask the question
> sorry if it was not
> i assume also that this archive and mailing list
> is read with any one with
> a connection
> to it
> do you think that the message of tony negri in empire
> is that we resolve is making one state apparatus
> for the whole humane planet, as
> naomi klein and others (?) claimed in copenhagen claimed
> for an ecological justice
> instead of an apparatus
> that would be like a roman Empire
> with hierarchies and (molar or molecular) centers of powers??
> i am perhaps a bit off
> not knowing
> if anarchic or communist
> would qualify what my
> possible ideas are.
> and even not knowing if those words
> get any sense in the moment.
> i salute chris jones and mark crosby
> for past friendship
> w xavier.
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> Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 13:51:59 -0400
> From: Jon Clay <clayjon at hotmail.com>
> To: <deleuze-guattari at lists.driftline.org>
> Subject: Re: [D-G] New publication: Sensation, Contemporary Poetry and
> succcess for your figth in Middlesex
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> Hello Paul and hello Harald,
> Thanks for those messages; I hope that if you read the book, you find
> it a way in to contemporary poetry perhaps.
> As for Middlesex - I don't work there so it's not my fight directly
> but I certainly support them. My own college, Richmond-upon-Thames
> College, is also in a dispute about redundancies. If we're going to
> succeed we're certainly going to need the support of students and
> parents, and probably the wider community.
> Cheers,
> Jon
>>  From: hwenk at web.de
>>  To: deleuze-guattari at lists.driftline.org
>>  Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 16:04:25 +0200
>>  Subject: Re: [D-G] New publication: Sensation, Contemporary
>>Poetry and succcess for your figth in Middlesex
>>  Dear Mr. Clay,
>>  I like poetry too and agree to Mr. Bains, especially because a lot of
>>  valuable cultural heritage is made by this
>>  "productive apparatus".
>>  Additionally I like to support your fight against the closure of your
>>  philosophy depattement in midddlesex.
>>  In Wuppertal such a fight was supported by a lot of "normal people" and
>>  succeded.
>>  Hee in Germany, especially in the Ruhr region, where a lot of new
>>  universities have been build, the idea of sparing a department and
>>  transfering teh students to the next universti? is often used.
>>  greetings Harald Wenk
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