[D-G] New publication: Sensation, Contemporary Poetry and succcess for your figth in Middlesex

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Hi Jon,
If you (or anyone else) wish to join the fight from a distance, John Protevi has written an excellent article for the Times Higher Eduction Supplement (Why Middlesex Matters) which has a comments thread you can respond to. There is also another thread about the seven suspended.

Cheers Ruth
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Hello Paul and hello Harald,

Thanks for those messages; I hope that if you read the book, you find 
it a way in to contemporary poetry perhaps.

As for Middlesex - I don't work there so it's not my fight directly 
but I certainly support them. My own college, Richmond-upon-Thames 
College, is also in a dispute about redundancies. If we're going to 
succeed we're certainly going to need the support of students and 
parents, and probably the wider community.



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>Poetry and succcess for your figth in Middlesex
>  Dear Mr. Clay,
>  I like poetry too and agree to Mr. Bains, especially because a lot of
>  valuable cultural heritage is made by this
>  "productive apparatus".
>  Additionally I like to support your fight against the closure of your
>  philosophy depattement in midddlesex.
>  In Wuppertal such a fight was supported by a lot of "normal people" and
>  succeded.
>  Hee in Germany, especially in the Ruhr region, where a lot of new
>  universities have been build, the idea of sparing a department and
>  transfering teh students to the next universtiý is often used.
>  greetings Harald Wenk
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