[D-G] Ueber das Marionettentheater

charles hubaker solntsepyati at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 19:11:13 PST 2010

Having had the good fortune to meet a Russian puppeteer from Leningrad, it was 
not the 6-foot-long Russian wolfhound that impressed this writer as much as it 
was the Goldilocks marionette he pulled from the closet. Ultra-light it was, and 
the movement was more human than human. In fact, it was quite unnerving. Having 
written once to Deleuze a short note on puppets and double articulation, it is 
the fact that they are simultaneously alive and not alive. Studying this 
phenomenon of the encounter in canines of the Northwest Coast, USA, it must be 
said, one can tell a great deal about the owner-handler, without much 
bias, according to the reactionary forces acting upon the dog.

In memory of Anna Politkovskaya, who could have taken the easy way and lived in 
California complete with chauffeur service, yet chose to risk her life covering 
the atrocities in Chechnya, this breaking news is already being disseminated via 
a U.S. citizen's-style "Chinese telephone service":

Chechen Puppet Delegation Visits Maine, USA

The Moscow State Puppet Theater has eight stages, upon which all of them can be 
in performing service at the same time.


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