[D-G] Resurrection of the Shaman Kai

charles hubaker solntsepyati at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 8 16:26:23 PST 2010

In considering recent discourse on agency, we point to Pearson's Germinal Life, 
p. 171:
'....crystallize in assemblages [agencements]....remains a multiplicity....'

p. 175: 'The 'advance' of ethology over ethnology risks reintroduction of 
'souls' 'centres'....reorienting activity along the axis of spurious binaries.'

Thus, the shaman's 'soul-catcher' risks the same fate. Rather than the 
north-south axis important to capitalism, we consider the east-west, the 
traditional Phillistine Line, to grasp a view of modernist agency coming under 
the sway of anti-multiplicitous forces:

'The Explanation of the Soul-Age Phenomenon. This addendum on 'Soul-Age' is 
based on 'Michael Materials' that have appeared since the 1980s. There are 
derived from three sources:

1) Joya Pope's, The World According to Michael, Fayetteville, Ar., Emerald Wave 
Publishing Company [1992].

2) Aaron Christeaan, JP Van Hulle, and MC Clark, ed. by Michael Friday, Michael 
-- The Basic Teachings, Orinda, Ca. Michael Educational Foundation [1990].

3) Two books by Jose Stevens: Tao to Earth -- Michael's Guide to Relationships 
and Growth, Berkeley, Ca. [1988], Earth to Tao -- Michael's Guide to Healing and 
Spiritual Awakening, Orinda, Ca. Affinity Press [1994] and Santa Fe: Bear and 
Company Publishing [1994].'
(Daulet S, Kazan and Moscow: Five Centuries of Crippling Existence Under Russian 
Imperialism [1552-2002], Kase Press [2003])

In Daulet's important historical work meant to analyze the complexities of 
Russian policy with its neighbors, and apparently directed from 'centres' in 
Arkansas, we see the 'Soul Age' Tatar youth cathecting a binary via Islamist 
trajectories. Further on, Pearson, p. 204: '....moving desert....' and the 
ritornello's crystal of space time.' These prompt desert trajectories (Mohave, 
for example), whereby those wishing to do something anti-capitalist such as 
writing, have some less-populated landscapes within which to work. This may 
induce writings on such things as autocatalysis and proteins (mentioned in 
Germinal Life), on wasp-orchid assemblages (the inroganic phenomenon, and 
phenomenon of the  desert micro- flora and fauna are vastly underpublished in 
philosophical literature), crystal structures of a mechanosphere (with or 
without helium-neon laser assistance), or discourse on the escape and/or capture 
of multiplicities, however ephemeral. Proposed are trajectories in the desert 
sans State-sponsored structures such as whale-watching in Australia. The desert 
sports a difference that may generate new concepts and writing, resuurecting the 
shaman in each of us.


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