[D-G] An Unmoderated Discussion List

charles hubaker solntsepyati at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 16 12:33:35 PDT 2010

An unmoderated discussion list would serve to eliminate the glossing over of the 
three-dimensional problem, which has been manifest on this list in the past. The 
problem is defined as that which the moderator cannot know about the poster of 
the message sent to this list. It's not a little matter, because some of us have 
seen the slowly operating sanctions inside the American rhizome: 
deterritorializations are taking on new forms.

An example is the fencing-in of construction sites in the U.S. Not many were 
paying attention, because this practice had already been part and parcel of the 
American West. East of the Mississippi, however, this practice only began in 
intensity within the last decade. Therefore, capitalism and communism have at 
least this in common: the ground under one's feet is being reified as it relates 
to the State. This would imply the concept of it being 'only support for the 
nomad,' as per D&G. But to admit one already has an email account just to obtain 
another one places the scapegoat-victim in the sights of fascism....a schizoid 
fascism: you the desirer of email did it to yourself, so the fascist cannot be 

Now, fascist forces are taking advantage of this compromised schiz-flux and 
applying new rules: one cannot have an email acount without first already having 
(another[italics]) email account. That is to say, the two email accounts the 
victim had before is being split so that emails bounce. The Cyberspace Pimp 
first got the masses addicted, and now they dance their victims like 
marionettes, because the split makes all the difference when emails start to 
bounce. The Pimp is now playing with the puppets in this way: by causing the 
alternate email to bounce. A very special delirium.


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